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New Look Charting

Charting has taken another step to a better experience with new look charts. The new updates allow you to easily zoom, pan, print and download charts. Among the many updates are more configuration options; 3D style is now available with pie, doughnut, column and bar charts; Polar style is available on bar, column, line and area; Border on/off option now available.



Faster Work Cache

The open Work Cache data source is primarily designed as an alternative to open work reports and issues that report across multiple sites. Available in BrightWork Reporter, the open Work Cache data source, enables faster cross-site reporting.

Other components of the Work Cache include:

  • A daily refresh of the Work Cache that validates every item in the cache as well as a regular update of the Work Cache that runs every 15 minutes.
  • The introduction of views allowing for easier filtering and faster rendering of work items.

Improved Project Cache

The existing Project Cache has been updated to include:

  • Real-time rendering, meaning faster mirroring of data to the Project Cache.
  • Addition of new views allowing for easier filtering and faster rendering. The defaults views are: All Projects, Open Projects and My Projects



New Activity Indicator

BrightWork Reporter, List Gantt View and List Chart View web parts now have a distinctive ‘working on it’ icon as the web part loads or is refreshed. This provides a smoother more seamless user experience when transitioning to a new page.



Simplified Project Creation

Create Project has been updated to include more powerful defaulting.

The new default settings include: a unique URL generating from the title, Project Manager defaulting to the logged in user, and templates loading automatically when browse is clicked.

These new configuration settings allow for less clicks when creating projects meaning faster project creation.


New Training Zone

The Training Zone is a full site collection complete with training templates, a Training Area, and a Sample Area where users can explore, test and train. SharePoint administrators can create a training environment quickly and easily. The Training Area is where you carry out your training using the linked training guides.

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