BrightWork for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations use BrightWork to improve clinical and operational effectiveness with better project visibility and tracking in a secure, reliable SharePoint environment.


Get Control of Clinical and Operational Portfolios

Portfolio dashboards

Improve visibility across projects and portfolios to make decisions faster with real-time dashboards, project reports, and scorecards.

Track project progress

Use dashboards, scorecards, and status reports to track project progress. It’s easy to customize the reports to match your local processes or compliance requirements.

See the big picture

Portfolio reporting dashboards provide insight into project health, risks, and new project requests so you can ensure all projects stay on track and on budget.

Best-Practice Project Management Templates

Accelerate the adoption of new processes

The best-practice project management templates based on SharePoint empower you to introduce modern processes and streamline project management processes.

Leverage SharePoint security and permissions

BrightWork uses standard SharePoint security settings such as encryption, permissions, and document management so that only the right people have access to health-related data and PHI.

Intuitive project templates

Simple to setup project templates mean that everyone involved in a project can get up to speed quickly and in a familiar SharePoint environment.


 Stay Compliant While Collaborating

Secure file sharing and communication

With built-in SharePoint document management capabilities, you can ensure that the right people have access to sensitive information and that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date version of all documents. All of this in a HIPAA/HiTrust compliant environment.

Simple work management

Personal work reports and alerts help staff easily and efficiently organize work, timelines, and results.

Centralized project sites in SharePoint

Consolidating all project information in one central repository reduces administrative burdens, improving communication and efficiency.

Cost-Effective Deployment Options


Free Project Management Template that can be installed securely in your own SharePoint environment.

Compatible with SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.


BrightWork can be installed securely in your own SharePoint environment.

Compatible with SharePoint 2016, 2013, and 2010.

Perpetual software licenses and annual support contract.


Accessible and scalable cloud-based project and portfolio management environment on SharePoint.

Per user / per month pricing

Accelerated oboarding

Start with a free 30-day trial


With our hosting partners, Project Hosts BrightWork provides healthcare organizations with a HIPAA/HITRUST compliant, cloud-based solution on Microsoft Azure.

Meet 100% of compliance standards required for Protected Health Information (PHI).

Trusted by Healthcare Organizations around the world

“[With] BrightWork, we can have multiple projects that all roll up to one status report or dashboard, that can be used by senior executives and project sponsors to see exactly where the project is.”

Doug Kennedy, Senior Director Project Management, AmSurg

Project and Portfolio Management in a HIPAA/HITRUST Cloud

Watch this recorded demo to learn how you can get your healthcare control in a secure and reliable SharePoint environment.

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