Project and Portfolio Management for Healthcare

Deliver Healthcare IT projects on time and improve clinical effectiveness with BrightWork for SharePoint On-Premises.

Hospitals and healthcare providers all over the world rely on BrightWork to manage their projects with SharePoint

Get Control of Clinical and Operational Portfolios

Understand Portfolio Health

Get instant visibility with real-time dashboards, drill-down reports, and interactive Power BI dashboards.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use status reports, metrics tiles, and RAG indicators to track project progress and react quickly to changes.


Keep Stakeholders in the Loop

Increase stakeholder engagement with real-time dashboards, automated email reports, and a centralized document library.

BrightWork Project Office Template SharePoint
QuoteDoug Kennedy,
Senior Director, Project Management, AmSurg
“[With] BrightWork, we can have multiple projects that all roll up to one status report or dashboard, that can be used by senior executives and project sponsors to see exactly where the project is.”


Modernize Your Project Management Processes

Get a Fast Start with Best-Practice Templates

Accelerate project set-up and execution with flexible, ready-to-use SharePoint templates.


Easily Find, Do, and Update Work

Help project teams to manage their workload in one place with personalized work reports, Agile Boards, and automated reminders.


Save Time with Automation

Move tasks forward with out-of-the-box SharePoint workflows or create custom workflows with the BrightWork and Nintex integration.

BrightWork Project Standard Template SharePoint


BrightWork Approach to Successful Project Portfolio Management

Start quickly to get immediate standardization and visibility for your projects so you can easily control your project portfolio.

Evolve by adding and maturing your project management processes and practices to achieve more timely and predictable outcomes.

BrightWork Approach BrightWork

Stay Compliant While Collaborating

Work Together in Secure Project Sites

Collaborate with your team and stakeholders in a HIPAA/HITRUST compliant SharePoint environment in Microsoft Azure.


Leverage Sharepoint Security and Permissions

Control access to health-related data and PHI with standard SharePoint security settings such as encryption, permissions, and version control.


React Quickly to New Regulations

Easily align live project sites with new legislation and processes using BrightWork Template Design Sync.

BrightWork Projects and Work Tracker SharePoint
In just 20 minutes, see how BrightWork simplifies projects and improves portfolio performance on SharePoint On-Premises (2019, 2016, 2013).