Template Management

BrightWork customers have a range of templates, tailored to suit different types of projects and situations. Our templates can be configured and customized to suit your local needs and practices. Our advanced template management system assists with the continuous improvement of your BrightWork templates.

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Scorecard Themes

You can now pick from six pre-defined scorecards themes, or simply tailor your scorecards exactly how you want.



Configurable Project Site Creation Process

The Create Project process is very easy to use. Project sites are created using an elegant and simple step-by-step interface. This interface can then be configured and streamlined, giving you more control over your project creation process.


See how the BrightWork advanced template management system assists with the continuous improvement of project management in your organization.

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Templates Area

The Templates Area is where BrightWork templates are created, stored and managed. The templates all exist as SharePoint sites that you can examine and fine-tune. New templates can be created from these templates or from live project sites.



Template Configuration

All BrightWork templates are fully configurable to enable you to fine tune everything to suit your local processes. All the standard SharePoint configuration options are available, with extra BrightWork configuration options fully integrated into the standard SharePoint user interface. If your staff already know SharePoint, they will be very comfortable with BrightWork.


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Template Design Sync

Managing the evolution of project management maturity can be a difficult task. Imagine a scenario where you configured a BrightWork template to your organization’s project management style, and you have 10-15 active projects using this template. When your teams are ready for more project management, you want to add risk management and change the layout of the home page. With standard SharePoint, you would have to do this manually on a site-by-site basis.

Template Design Sync allows you to make the desired changes to a template and push it out to all the sites created with that template. Changes can also be pulled to project sites on a case-by-case basis. The Design Sync feature is available for almost every change you could make to a SharePoint site.