Your Project Management Success with BrightWork Online

Shared Cloud

Minimum 10 Users.


Per User / Month.

BrightWork Online is a cloud version of BrightWork, giving customers a hosted environment for project and portfolio management on SharePoint.

Dedicated Cloud

Unlimited Users


Per User / Month

Based on your cloud configuration. BrightWork Online Dedicated gives you a private cloud for project and portfolio management on SharePoint.


Unlimited Users (U.S.)


Per User / Month

Based on your cloud configuration. BrightWork Online in a SaaS-level compliant SharePoint environment at the US FedRAMP Moderate, High, and DoD CC SRG IL 2/4/5 levels. Federal Government.


Unlimited Users (U.S.)


Per User / Month

Based on your cloud configuration. BrightWork Online hosted in a HIPAA/HITRUST compliant cloud on Microsoft Azure. For Healthcare.

Trusted by 40k+ organizations worldwide

Onboarding Services

All new BrightWork customers must buy onboarding services to get started on the right foot managing projects and programs.

The BrightWork Deployment JumpStart  combines best-practice templates and a proven 3D Deployment approach to accelerate success.

A typical JumpStart includes 36 hours of service delivery over 3 to 6 weeks and costs $7,875 or €5,850.

Happy and Successful Customers

BrightWork helps organizations all around the world reach their project management goals.

“Using the BrightWork templates, we now have a much better understanding of all projects underway, as well as a system to review and manage new project requests. We have greater visibility into what is on track and what is falling behind.”

– John Dunphy, Head of SharePoint Team, Siemens Healthineers


“BrightWork is the single source of the truth for Triumph Group when deciding whether to make an investment in a project. Providing the visibility required to prioritize and therefore making decisions to fund projects easier.”

– Dennis Conley and Nicole Taylor, IT PMO, Triumph Group

“BrightWork is a simple project management tool that’s able to be used effectively by the whole project team without specialized or extensive training and knowledge.”

– Ben Stephenson, Executive Manager Technology and Data

“The ability to track status reports week to week, especially as projects get distracted or deferred, was huge for us.”

– Doug Waram, Supervisor of Application Services, County of Wellington

Start-Evolve BrightWork Approach


The BrightWork Approach to Successful Project Portfolio Management:

Start quickly to get immediate standardization and visibility for your projects so you can easily control your project portfolio.

Evolve by adding and maturing your project management processes and practices to achieve more timely and predictable outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BrightWork Online pricing work?

BrightWork Online pricing is based on the number of named users accessing BrightWork. The cost of the subscription is based on a per user per month fee that is billed monthly or annually.

How is a named user counted?

A named user is counted as any team member who will be accessing BrightWork within the SharePoint environment. 

Can we add more users at any time?

Yes, users can be added or removed on a month-by-month basis to meet your current requirements. This is a month-to-month service and you may cancel at any time.

Are the FedRAMP and HIPAA/HITRUST deployment options available outside the United States?

No, FedRAMP is only available to U.S. Federal, DoD, NatSec, and civilian agencies within the United States. HIPAA/HITRUST is only available to healthcare organizations within the United States.

What professional services packages are available?

BrightWork provides several training, advisory, and technical project management services to our customers. To learn more, explore BrightWork Professional Services.

Do I need to buy BrightWork onboarding services?

All new BrightWork customers need to buy onboarding services to get started on the right foot with your project and portfolio management using BrightWork. For example, the BrightWork Deployment JumpStart includes 36 hours of service delivery over a 1 to 3 month period, and costs $7,875 or €5,850. Contact our sales team to discuss getting started with BrightWork onboarding services.

What will my pricing proposal include?

Your pricing proposal will include the cloud subscription license fee for the duration of your subscription, as well as the cost of your professional services package. A travel cost estimate will be included where on-site services are required.

Can I get a free trial of BrightWork?

Yes, you can try BrightWork free for 30 days. During your free trial, you will have access to the full BrightWork project and portfolio management software with no feature limitations. You can manage as many projects as you want and add up to 5 users in your free trial.

Does BrightWork offer an on-premise deployment option?

Yes, BrightWork On-Premise can be installed on the platform editions of SharePoint 2019, 2016, and 2013 (any version). For more detail, including pricing, visit BrightWork On-Premise Pricing.

Try BrightWork for Free for 30 Days

Unlimited projects. Up to 5 users. No feature limitations.