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BrightWork portfolio management templates provide senior executives with high-level visibility into the health of multiple projects across the organization with a clear view of resource allocation and the project pipeline.

Project Office 


Portfolio management

Cross-project reporting 




Roll-up dashboards

Projects Tracker List


Portfolio management

The Project Office is a popular template that allows you to report on key items such as status, issues, and risks from multiple projects.

The Project Office includes a set of cross-project dashboards that enable senior executives to see, at-a-glance, how all projects are performing and easily identify the ones that are in trouble.

The Project Office dashboards roll-up data from all the projects located under it in the hierarchy.

The Project Office template also contains a Projects Tracker list to track simple projects that do not need much management.




Portfolio Reporting


Portfolio management

Cross-project reporting




Cross-project reporting

Reporting dasboards – Projects, Work, and Resourcing 



Portfolio management

Similar to Project Office, this template enables you to report on key items (e.g. status, issues, risks, milestones, deliverables, etc.) from multiple projects.

Portfolio Reporting Site is a cross-project reporting template that that aggregates and rolls up data from multiple sites.

This includes multiple collections of reporting dashboards (Projects, My Work, Work, Issues and Resourcing).

The Portfolio Reporting Site exists outside of the site hierarchy and reports only on the projects added to the Portfolio Projects list.




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Project Request Manager  


Portfolio management

Project Pipeline Management

Project Selection

Project site creation 

Resource Allocation 




Project Request Intake Form

Automatic Notifications for reviewers and approvers

Drag-and-drop ranking

Resource Allocation List


Portfolio management

The Project Request Manager template provides a means to request and approve new projects.

The Project Request Manager template allows senior executives to decide which projects get approved and rejected.

The process is split into four different states: DraftReviewPending Decision, and Approved or Rejected.

Once a project is approved, the user can launch a project site based on the original request.

The Project Request Manager template also includes a Resource Allocation list, which allows users to assign resources at a high-level when submitting a request.



“Since we already had SharePoint deployed in the organization, our ideal solution would leverage the platform. BrightWork best practice templates and reporting were a perfect fit, so we deployed BrightWork on SharePoint 2013 to set up a virtual PMO.”

Huy Nguyen, IT Director, Weingarten Realty

Portfolio Reporting for SharePoint

BrightWork Portfolio Management templates for SharePoint include reporting capabilities to track performance.

Runs on SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

Portfolio Reporting

Real-time portfolio dashboards with project metrics and traffic light indicators give senior executives visibility into how all projects and portfolios are performing.

Live Dashboards

Live dashboards provide a real-time summary of key project metrics and KPIs so you instantly see what is happening on your project.

Project Status Reports

The Project Status Report captures a snapshot of the current project status and maintains a historical record of the project’s progress.

Project Metric Dashboards

The BrightWork Project Metrics list tracks and captures project metrics (e.g. number of red issues; Project Health; the number of overdue items) and feeds this information to reports, charts, and KPI web parts.

Metric Tiles

The Metric Tiles web part is an easy way to display metrics anywhere in your project site. Keep key metrics like % Complete, Open Issues, or Project Completion Dates where everyone can see them.

Metric Scorecards

Metrics scorecards display project metric trends over time to help predict the likely outcome of your project. Use out-of-the box themes or customize to suit your reporting requirements.

Resource Usage

Resource Usage reports display how project work has been assigned, allocated, or over-allocated in a configurable calendar-like view.

Resource Allocation

The Resource Allocation report is used to track resource usage estimates as part of new project requests and during project planning.

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