Portfolio Management Templates

BrightWork portfolio management templates provide senior executives with high-level visibility into the health of multiple projects across the organization, give a clear view in to the allocation of resources, and enable a consistent methodology to ensure approved projects are aligned with strategic objectives.

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Project Office

The Project Office template provides insights into the health and progress of multiple projects.

It includes a set of cross-project dashboards that enable senior executives to see at a glance how all projects in the organization are performing and easily identify the ones that are in trouble. The Project Office dashboards roll up data from all the projects located under it in the hierarchy.


Projects Tracker

The Project Office template includes the optional Projects Tracker, which enables project managers to manage the high-level details of certain projects. Many customers will start to manage a project in the Projects Tracker, and then move the project to a full site where it will continue to be reported on in the Project Office, but with the extra detail in the new site, such as task and risks.

See how BrightWork will help you control portfolios of projects with visibility into project status, resource allocation and new project requests!

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Project Request Manager

The Project Request Manager template provides a means to request and approve new projects.

A key to project success is a proper project approval process. Projects need to be assessed for things like cost, likelihood of success, strategic fit, and availability of resources.

The Project Request Manager template enables an objective methodology to assist with deciding which projects get approved and which ones get rejected. It facilitates the capture of key data about requested projects and allows this information to be sent for review and approval or rejection. All stakeholders can track the progress of a project request through the process of drafting, reviewing, ranking, and approval. The Project Request Manager can also be used to create new project sites.


Site Collection Hierarchy Support

Many organizations are structured in a hierarchy appropriate to the organization’s needs and circumstances. The criteria for the structure can be geography, function, department, etc. Out-of-the-box SharePoint tends to treat every site like an island. BrightWork fully supports the concept of structure being reflected in a SharePoint site collection hierarchy.

Every department (e.g. Marketing, Engineering) can have their own subset of projects. They will each need a location where they can see rollup information about their projects. All BrightWork reports can report on sites located below them in the hierarchy. The Project Hierarchy web part maps out and provides access to the hierarchy.