Get Actionable Insights With
Power BI Dashboards for BrightWork

Visual and interactive Power BI dashboards bring your project data to life.

Power BI and BrightWork dashboards

Get Actionable Insights With
Power BI Dashboards for BrightWork

Visual and interactive Power BI dashboards bring your project data to life.

BrightWork Power BI

Extend your reporting capabilities with Power BI

The BrightWork Power BI Pack is a pre-built report with six configurable dashboards for SharePoint On-Premises.

Available to BrightWork customers, the interactive dashboards display high-level data in engaging visualizations, with the ability to drill-down into the details of project work as needed.

BrightWork Power BI Pack

Connects with all
Data sources in BrightWork 

Get instant visibility into

Track tasks and work using
Project Status Reports

Do more with our
Power BI Services 

Make better decisions with
Interactive dashboards 

Generate standardized reports using
Data from any source

What’s in the BrightWork Power BI Pack?

Portfolio Dashboard

The Portfolio Dashboard provides an executive summary of all project sites rollup, with four key metrics.

The dashboard can filter project sites rollup by “Project Status,” “By Project Manager,” “By Project type,” “By Department,” and “By Priority.”

Clickable project links take you right back to the Project Site in BrightWork.

BrightWork Power BI Portfolio Dashboard
BrightWork Power BI Portfolio Timeline

Portfolio Timeline

The Portfolio Timeline is a Gantt view of all project sites.

You can drill down projects by year, quarter, month, week, and days.

A tooltip provides additional details of the project, like start and finish dates.

Project and Task Timeline

The Project and Task Timeline is another Gantt view of all project sites and associated tasks.

You can filter the chart based on the project name, project type, project manager, and assigned-person.

The dashboard comes with key metrics like number of tasks, late tasks, and open issues.

BrightWork Power BI Project and Task Timeline

See the BrightWork Power BI Pack in action!

BrightWork Power BI Work Reports

Work Reports

The Work Reports allow you to filter data by looking at all work or selecting the information you are looking for.

You can choose by Status of the item, List Name, Assigned To, or Project Name.

Status Report Dashboard

The Status Report Dashboard includes weekly Status, overall status summary, highlights, lowlights, and next steps.

These status reports can be used for Weekly, monthly, and quarterly executive reviews.

BrightWork Power BI Status Report Dashboard
BrightWork Power BI Issue Report

Issue Report

The Issues Report includes filters to drill down on issues by project, assigned-person, and more.

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