Our Story

BrightWork is the most flexible project management solution with best-practice templates and portfolio management dashboards on SharePoint.

We know project portfolio management is hard.  Our mission is to make project portfolio management easier for every organization.


Founded in 1995

40,000+ Organizations


Offices in Galway, Ireland and Boston

Our Approach

At BrightWork, we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to project management.

We like to take a different route – Start, Evolve. This approach is a sustainable way to develop your project management capabilities.

We START by focusing on your immediate needs so you get up and running quickly with BrightWork.

When you are ready to take on more project management, you will have the tools to EVOLVE with BrightWork.

Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook

At BrightWork, we are so passionate about making project management easy, we wrote a book about it!

With a five-step approach to collaborative project management and practical leadership advice, the handbook is a helpful resource for new project managers, team members, and experienced project managers who need to coach new managers.

The complete handbook is available to download for free as a PDF.

Industry Recognition

BrightWork is recognized by industry experts for its flexibility, ease of deployment, and ability to drive real project management success.


Local and regional partners help us deliver exceptional customer service.

Find a partner to meet your deployment needs, or become a BrightWork partner.

Careers at BrightWork

BrightWork is powered by an experienced team, dedicated to solving problems for our customers.