SharePoint Templates for Project and Portfolio Management

BrightWork SharePoint templates are built for project management. It’s what we are famous for!

In out-of-the-box SharePoint, sites are created with templates. This means you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time you create a site. You use a template that fits your needs. You can also save a site that you have customized as a template and reuse it again and again.

BrightWork takes the SharePoint template model and extends it far past anything that SharePoint delivers, including solving some typical SharePoint problems!

Project Management Templates Spectrum

BrightWork comes with a range of best-practice templates, all designed for a particular project management situation and level of maturity. You get templates for Portfolio Management; Project Management; and Work Management. The spectrum of BrightWork templates enables organizations to get started quickly with a small amount of project management, and to gradually evolve to where they need to be.

Portfolio Management Templates

BrightWork templates for portfolio management give senior executives high-level visibility into the health of multiple projects across the organization, resource allocation and new project requests.

Project Management Templates

BrightWork helps project managers to deliver successful projects with simple and collaborative project management templates and automated reporting.

Advanced Reporting Built In

BrightWork provides powerful project and portfolio management reporting dashboards so you have the visibility to keep projects on track.

Smart Project Management

BrightWork includes several enhanced features for Smart Project Management, all designed to make project management on SharePoint as easy as possible.

Collaboration with SharePoint

BrightWork leverages several of the native SharePoint features for project management for project and team collaboration.

Template Management

BrightWork has an advanced template management system to help you configure and customize the project sites to suit your specific needs.

Templates as Actual Sites

BrightWork templates exist as actual sites, which means you can inspect the template before you use it to make sure it fits your needs. With BrightWork, you can even use another site to create your new site.

Template Customization

You can customize BrightWork templates, just like a normal SharePoint site, and the really cool bit? You can pull that changes into sites created from that template!