SharePoint Templates for Project and Portfolio Management

BrightWork SharePoint templates are built for project management. It’s what we are famous for!

In out-of-the-box SharePoint, sites are created with templates. This means you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time you create a site. You use a template that fits your needs. You can also save a site that you have customized as a template and reuse it again and again.

BrightWork takes the SharePoint template model and extends it far past anything that SharePoint delivers, including solving some typical SharePoint problems!

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Project Management Templates Spectrum

BrightWork comes with a range of best-practice templates, all designed for a particular project management situation and level of maturity. You get templates for Portfolio Management; Project Management; and Work Management. The spectrum of BrightWork templates enables organizations to get started quickly with a small amount of project management, and to gradually evolve to where they need to be.

Project Portfolio Management Templates

BrightWork templates for portfolio management give senior executives high-level visibility into the health of multiple projects across the organization, resource allocation, and new project requests.

Project Management Templates

BrightWork helps project managers to deliver successful projects with simple and collaborative project management templates and automated reporting.

Project Management Reporting

BrightWork provides powerful project and portfolio management reporting dashboards so you have the visibility to keep projects on track.

Everything you need for successful project management with SharePoint!

Project Request Management

Scalable project request management for consistent and objective optimal project selection.

Real-time dashboards

Real-time cross-project portfolio dashboards deliver visibility for effective control.

Resource Tracking

High-visibility resource management ensures the best use of resources across all projects in the organization.

Standardized Templates

Standardized project management templates ensure quick and consistent project setup for every project.

Project planning

BrightWork templates are set up to guide project planning and setup, including an in-browser task scheduling capability right from the tasks list in SharePoint.

Track projects

Collaborative project sites house up-to-date project information, so you can easily track the progress of a project.

Automated reporting

Provide the high-level dashboards that project sponsors and other stakeholders need, with the ability to drill down to take a closer look at a project.

Task management

Team members can easily manage their priorities across many projects and quickly provide updates right in the project site.

Highly configurable

Easy-to-configure templates and template management features make it simple to build improved processes into templates and roll them out to live projects.

Easy Project Site Creation

Project sites are created using an elegant and simple step-by-step interface, ensuring you have the right templates and processes for the project at hand.