BrightWork Project and Portfolio Templates


BrightWork project and portfolio management templates help organizations to simplify project management processes, engage stakeholders, and increase collaboration by using Microsoft SharePoint.


BrightWork comes with a range of pre-configured templates with varying levels of project and portfolio management process embedded.
BrightWork comes with a range of pre-configured project templates with varying levels of project management process.


Start by focusing on the immediate needs of project teams with BrightWork templates, so they get visibility and can bring projects under control quickly.

When ready Evolve the processes on a fast path to the level of project management maturity desired by using the BrightWork template management capabilities.


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Product Overview

Everything you need for Project and Portfolio Management on SharePoint

Start / Evolve

Taking a ‘one-size fits all’ approach is unrealistic. Instead, we use the ‘Start-Evolve’ framework

Nintex Integration

Brightwork integrates with Nintex point-and-click workflow automation

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Customer Stories

What our customers say about BrightWork

SharePoint Templates

BrightWork templates help organizations to engage stakeholders and increase collaboration.

Portfolio Templates

Portfolio templates that give high-level visibility into the health of multiple projects across your organization

Project Templates

Project management templates to ensure repeated project management success

Template Management

BrightWork self-service template management system, ensuring you get the most from your templates

BrightWork Blog

Insights and articles from our team and guests.

Project Handbook

A five-step approach to collaborative project management

eBooks and Guides

Free resources, videos, and advice to make project management easier

SharePoint Workflows Guide

A practical guide covering the basics of SharePoint workflows for project management.

SharePoint Project Management Guide

Everything You Need to Initiate, Plan, Track, and Report on a Project in SharePoint


Live and On-Demand webinars to help you on your SharePoint project management journey

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