Simplified Project Portfolio Reporting for SharePoint

Get immediate visibility and track progress across projects with real-time dashboards.

Simplified Project Portfolio Reporting for SharePoint

Get immediate visibility and track progress across projects with real-time dashboards.

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Portfolio Dashboard_Portfolio Reporting

Complete Insight 

Into All Projects in One Place

Portfolio reports in BrightWork deliver instant visibility across multiple projects in one dashboard, with the ability to drill down into individual projects for more detail.

Report on projects in a project management office or create custom dashboards with any projects you need to track.

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Monitor progress of your projects with real-time information

Current projects are listed in the Project Summaries report. Track how all your projects are doing in a single view.

Monitor progress with Gantt charts, project schedules, and milestone tracking to keep initiatives on track.

Quickly Identify Projects in Trouble

The Projects In Trouble link provides a clear view of projects that are having difficulties. Drill down into these projects to find out what is going wrong.

Other dashboards like Issues, Risks, and Change Requests flag potential blockers that put your projects in danger.

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BrightWork simplifies projects and improves portfolio performance with templates, cross-project dashboards, and automated reporting for SharePoint.
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Resource Management_Portfolio Management
Understand workloads across the project portfolio

Make sure your projects are getting the right resources at the right time

With the BrightWork Work Reports and Charts, get a snapshot of what work is assigned and to whom.

Use the Resource Reports in BrightWork to find over-allocated resources. Reassign work and relieve bottlenecks.

See the big picture any way you want

Check the projects in your portfolio to see the overall structure and where projects fit in strategically.

Group projects by Manager or Status so you can report report on projects the way you want.

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keep team updated_Portfolio Reporting
Keep the whole team updated all the time

Backed by BrightWork Reporter, your Portfolio Dashboards always have accurate and up-to-date data from the projects.

Email reports to stakeholders and your team on-demand or on a regularly scheduled basis.

Export information to Excel, PBI, PDF, where it can be manipulated and presented in any format.

Create groups of any projects you want

Out-of-the-box, the Project Office Template rolls up from the projects and programs grouped underneath it into a single report

Use the BrightWork Portfolio Area to create personalized portfolios to report on a group of any selection of projects you want.

Portfolio Dashboard_Portfolio Reporting


Power BI Reporting Integration

The BrightWork Power BI Pack integration is a pre-built report with six interactive dashboards that help you visualize and understand your project data.