The 3 D’s of a Successful BrightWork Deployment

When deploying any new software or business system, it’s the important to have a process in place to ensure you have a smooth and efficient roll out. It’s no different when it comes to implementing collaborative project management software. Your change management process should be transparent and focused on delivering value, driven by your needs. At…Read More

Business Intelligence and BrightWork

Summary: Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming a more and more popular concept that enables access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance. SharePoint is an ideal platform for BI because of its inherent collaboration features and also its ability to connect to other systems using…Read More

7 Steps For Effective Report Writing

Many project teams utilize the reporting options and tools available in their collaborative project site to track work, identify risks and issues, and keep stakeholders informed about the project.  Depending on the project and organizational processes, additional reports with in-depth analysis and recommendations may also be required when a project…Read More

How do I Manage My Project?

As you begin to plan your project, you’re probably already thinking about team structure, budgets and timelines. Before getting too far ahead, it’s important to take a step back and ask a simple yet tricky question – how am I going to manage my project? It’s useful to think of project management as a…Read More

5 Project Management Tips

We were a little too eager to share our Top 5 Project Management Tips and published our unfinished post earlier! This post lists some of the main challenges that project managers face.  These quick and easy tips will ensure that your project starts successfully, and also provide information on additional resources.…Read More