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Our services are tailored to suit your project management needs. We will accompany you all the way on your project management success journey.

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BrightWork 365 Subscription Services

As part of your BrightWork 365 subscription, you get access to a responsive Support Team and an annual Project Management Success Review.

BrightWork 365 Support Service

Always on hand to answer your questions, resolve issues, direct you to relevant training resources, and help ensure your BrightWork 365 environment is running smoothly.

Project Management Success Review

Address your immediate BrightWork 365 or project management process needs, and review and update your Project Portfolio Management Success Strategy.

BrightWork 365 Deployment Services

Apart from your software subscription, BrightWork offers three other bespoke deployment services to take your project management success journey to the next level.

Start Service

Get immediate standardization and visibility across all your projects to enable your senior leadership to exercise control over the entire portfolio of projects.

Evolve Service

Gradually and continuously add and mature your project management processes, leading to more predictable outcomes for your portfolio of projects.

Augment Service

Dedicated resource(s), proven methodology, and advisory to help you reach high levels of project management adoption and success sooner. 

BrightWork Customer Success Partner

A Customer Success Partner from BrightWork is not just a team member; they are your dedicated partner in achieving project management success. With their extensive knowledge of project management processes, best practices, and templates that harness the power of Microsoft 365, they bring a wealth of expertise to your side.  

Their role goes beyond mere assistance and guidance. They actively collaborate with you, ensuring that you hit the ground running with the BrightWork 365 solution. Together, you will define and execute the next phase of your project management journey, working hand in hand to achieve your goals. 

Throughout your project management success journey, your Customer Success Partner will be there every step of the way. They will accompany your groups, providing support, insights, and strategies to ensure your success. With their partnership, you can confidently navigate the challenges and triumphs of your project management endeavors. 

BrightWork Customer Success Team
BrightWork Customer Success Team


The BrightWork Approach to Successful Project Portfolio Management:

Start quickly to get immediate standardization and visibility for your projects so you can easily control your project portfolio.

Evolve by adding and maturing your project management processes and practices to achieve more timely and predictable outcomes.

Customize. Integrate. Collaborate.

BrightWork 365 + Microsoft 365: Customize, Integrate, and extend your project portfolio management using the BrightWork 365 app to leverage the familiarity and safety of the Microsoft 365 platform.

  • Customize: Easily configure your BrightWork 365 solution to customize your project workflows and processes as per your business needs.
  • Integrate: Leverage the familiar Microsoft apps and the flexibility of the Power Platform to extend the capabilities of your project management solution.
  • Collaborate: Get continuous assistance from your BrightWork Customer Success Partner to securely deploy, adopt, and evolve your BrightWork 365 solution.

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