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Make sure BrightWork 365 is meeting your Project Portfolio Management goals.

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A collaborative meeting to address your immediate BrightWork 365 or project management process needs, and review and update your Project Management Success Strategy devised to deliver on your long-term project management goals. 

BrightWork Customer Success Team

Challenges (Why)

Once subscribed to the BrightWork 365 solution, your group also adopts the BrightWork approach ‘Start-Evolve’ for successful Project Portfolio Management. This approach helps you quickly start deployment and gradually mature processes. You need to review the progress of your projects through this journey.

It is also possible that your Project Management needs have evolved. Your group may have experienced people coming and going, and a changing context. For these and many other reasons, the Project Management Success Review is a valuable component of your BrightWork investment.

Deliverables (What)

This periodic Project Management Success Review aims to address your immediate project management needs. It is also a check-in to see if your group(s) is realizing the desired value and outcomes from BrightWork 365 as your Project Portfolio Management solution and to assist you to take advantage of the latest innovations in BrightWork.  

At the end of this review, you will have mutually agreed on updates to your Project Management Success Strategy with your Customer Success Partner(s). With BrightWork expertise, best practices, and built-in templates, you will be able to take your project management success to the next level.

Methodology (How)

A Project Management Success Review is a critical component of our customer’s support and upgrade plan. Our aim is to to ensure you are adequately supported to manage your projects and portfolios in a way that works for you, your team, and your organization. This periodic review has four stages:

1. Address Immediate Needs

  • We start by addressing your immediate needs. This is your time to ask any top-of-mind questions, bring any current issues to the table, or simply ask for a quick how-to.
  • We make sure you are confident using and navigating through your BrightWork 365 Project Portfolio Management tool.

2. Assess Current State

  • At this stage, a walkthrough of the recent activities helps us to understand how you are currently managing your projects and activities.
  • We review your Desired Outcomes and Value received.
  • We review the current Project Management Success Strategy and Project Team assignments to ensure they are accurate and up to date.
  • We also review your BrightWork Support status on recently completed and open support requests.

3. Agree on Desired State

  • Here, we discuss your desired state for your project management processes. This is to help you plan and document your project management vision, goals, and priorities for your teams/organization.
  • Together, we decide and update your Project Management Success Strategy and work out the steps to put it in motion.
  • We review the BrightWork 365 Project Management Assistance services available to you.

4. Leverage BrightWork 365 Product

  • We talk about what’s coming in the next release of BrightWork 365…
  • We will discuss your Upgrade path and how we can assist you in getting on the latest release.
BrightWork Customer Success Team

Audience (Who)

Your BrightWork Customer Success Partner will be happy to meet with your designated Project Management Champion to provide answers to your open questions, record your stakeholders’ feedback, and any other group/organizational updates you deem relevant.

Where possible, a representation of stakeholders such as senior managers, project managers, and team members may attend Project Management Success Review to enable your Customer Success Partner to align BrightWork 365 with your shared project management ambitions.

BrightWork Customer Success Team

Effort and Duration (When)

Your BrightWork Customer Success Partner will be happy to meet with your designated Project Management Champion to deliver the Project Management Success Review service in a 1-hour meeting. 

Customize. Integrate. Collaborate.

BrightWork 365 + Microsoft 365: Customize, Integrate, and extend your project portfolio management using the BrightWork 365 app to leverage the familiarity and safety of the Microsoft 365 platform.

  • Customize: Easily configure your BrightWork 365 solution to customize your project workflows and processes as per your business needs.
  • Integrate: Leverage the familiar Microsoft apps and the flexibility of the Power Platform to extend the capabilities of your project management solution.
  • Collaborate: Get continuous assistance from your BrightWork Customer Success Partner to securely deploy, adopt, and evolve your BrightWork 365 solution.

Follow Up (What’s next)

After the Project Management Success Review, your Customer Success Partner will continue to work with you through your BrightWork Evolve Plans to deliver on your requirements and objectives.

When you are ready, and as needed, you can re-engage with your BrightWork Customer Success Partner to work through your ‘backlogged items’ and ‘fresh requirements’.

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