Get Control of Your Project Portfolios

with Microsoft 365

Get Control of Your Project Portfolios
with Microsoft 365

Get high-level visibility over your projects across portfolios

See how you can improve organizational performance with complete control of programs and portfolios in one place with BrightWork 365 – an advanced project portfolio management software that leverages your Microsoft 365 environment. 



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Control Programs and Portfolios with Microsoft 365

BrightWork 365 helps you track progress of your programs and portfolios all within one complete solution.



Microsoft Power Automate and BrightWork 365

Streamline your project selection process

Develop a consistent approach to project submission, evaluation, and selection with configurable templates driven by Power Automate.  

Improve business outcomes by choosing the projects that are aligned with your strategic goals.  

Check resource allocation and availability for starting the right project to help your project teams succeed.  

Stay updated on actions taken on new project requests with automated notifications.  

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BrightWork 365 and Microsoft Teams

Drill into the details of portfolios 

View related programs and projects by tracking key performance indicators in customized template features.

Identify and mitigate risks in time by keeping a close look at the health of all your projects and programs.

Set project budgets, and manage costs and vendor information in one place.

Microsoft Power Automate and BrightWork 365

Get immediate visibility across portfolios

View the overall status of portfolios, timelines, and milestones with a quick glance at the portfolio dashboards.

Enable a centralized reporting system to get timely updates from your teams across portfolios.

Save time and increase productivity with fewer meetings and quicker email interactions. Set up specific project team communication channels with Emails, Chats, Phone calls, and Appointments.

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Portfolio Dashboard
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Enable efficient reporting with portfolio dashboards 

Visualize  data across projects with interactive Power BI and Power Apps dashboards for health, tasks, issues, and costs.  

Analyse complex project data and drill down into specific project information. 

Make data-backed decisions using insights on crucial project elements such as costs, timelines, resources. 

Create, customize, and share reports with Microsoft Power BI. 

BrightWork 365 PPM Software for Microsoft 365

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