Project and Portfolio Management for Manufacturing

With insightful reports, easily schedule management, and milestone tracking, BrightWork helps organizations get to market faster.

Track Project Milestones and Deliver On Time

Visualize the project schedule

Getting to market on time and under budget is the cornerstone of successful manufacturing projects. Get visibility into the project plan and manage the day-to-day schedule, ensuring milestones are met and surprises are kept to a minimum.

Meet critical project milestones

Never miss a deadline with BrightWork milestone tracking. Using workflows, build a log, which displays as a graphical chart for the end-user. Quickly identify any milestones that are delayed or at-risk, and take corrective action.

Easily update the project schedule

To make reporting even easier and faster, link the results of the schedule to metrics. When the schedule is updated, the linked reports are updated automatically, saving you valuable time.

Free SharePoint Project Management Template

Get started in minutes with a simple and intuitive project management template for teams using SharePoint.

Quickly Get Visibility Across The Product Portfolio

Real-Time Reporting

Bring projects and portfolios under control in a fast-paced environment with real-time dashboards, metrics, and scorecards.

Manage multiple projects in one place

The cross-project reporting lets you view all the projects in flight at the same time, ensuring that there are no surprises and projects stay on track.

Quickly find the projects in trouble

Streamline the portfolio reporting to get a view of all products and projects underway at one time. Easily identify troubled projects and address risks quickly.

“The size of the BrightWork investment is small in comparison with the value due to the increase in the number of projects run in a standardized way, and the positive ‘project culture’ impact it has had on the entire IT organization.”

Dennis Conley & Mohan Motupalli, PMO Managers

Keep All Project Information in One Centralized Location

Centralized project sites

Consolidating all project information in one central repository reduces administrative burdens and improves communication, efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration.


SharePoint project sites keep all project stakeholders connected to the project information and to each other. All project data and collaboration can take place right in the project site.

Easy file sharing and collaboration

With built-in SharePoint document management capabilities, you can ensure that everyone is working off of the latest designs, proposals, and documents all the time.


Deployment Options


Free Project Management Template that can be installed securely in your own SharePoint environment.


BrightWork can be installed securely in your own SharePoint environment.



Accessible and scalable cloud-based project and portfolio management environment on SharePoint.

Dedicated Cloud

Private and secure cloud-based project and portfolio management environment on SharePoint.


Learn how BrightWork

can help your team

Schedule some time to talk to one of our Solution Experts and they will show you how BrightWork will help your team deliver more successful projects with SharePoint.

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