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The BrightWork 365 Support Service is a direct channel of help and assistance for customers across a broad range of topics.

This assistance is provided through calls, emails, chat, website, and other learning and training resources.

BrightWork Customer Success Team

Challenges (Why)

Having a Project Portfolio Management solution is not enough when you don’t know its full potential as a complete solution.

You have access to the BrightWork 365 software, but you also have questions about how you can leverage the software, our services, and our expertise in order to continue to be successful with your Project Portfolio Management Solution.

You are looking for Project Management experts who will accompany you on your project management success journey, and not just a project management tool provider.

Deliverables (What)

BrightWork 365 Support Team member will collaborate with you to define, scope, analyze, and assist in the delivery of a solution to your open Support Ticket. BrightWork 365 Support Team aids effective communication during a support ticket and ensures effective operations and visibility internally.  

With BrightWork Support, you get

Methodology (How)

BrightWork 365 Support Service is modeled on Technical Support Industry Standards. This is an aggregate of best practices and good practices found in various global frameworks and methodologies.

The BrightWork 365 Support team practices a process of continual improvement to provide you with a service of the highest standard.

BrightWork Customer Success Team

Audience (Who)

The BrightWork 365 Support Team is a group of professionals with in-depth knowledge of both BrightWork 365 and Microsoft 365.

Our team will work with the ticket creator or any representative necessary to ensure a successful resolution to the problem at hand.

BrightWork Customer Success Team

Effort and Duration (When)

Your BrightWork Customer Success Partner(s) will aim to respond to all support tickets within one business day.

Resolution times will be dependent on the nature of the issue at hand. 

Customize. Integrate. Collaborate.

BrightWork 365 + Microsoft 365: Customize, Integrate, and extend your project portfolio management using the BrightWork 365 app to leverage the familiarity and safety of the Microsoft 365 platform.

  • Customize: Easily configure your BrightWork 365 solution to customize your project workflows and processes as per your business needs.
  • Integrate: Leverage the familiar Microsoft apps and the flexibility of the Power Platform to extend the capabilities of your project management solution.
  • Collaborate: Get continuous assistance from your BrightWork Customer Success Partner to securely deploy, adopt, and evolve your BrightWork 365 solution.

Follow Up (What’s next)

At this stage, our Support Team will have ensured that your issue/query is resolved and your Support ticket is closed. You can now get in touch with us to schedule a Project Management Success Review to maximize the benefits of your BrightWork 365 solution. 

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