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BrightWork helps project managers to deliver successful projects with collaborative and intuitive project management templates and automated project management reporting.

Projects and Work Tracker


Short projects

Teams who are new to project management



Tasks List

Documents Library

Issue List


Light project management

The Projects and Work template provides a single site to track multiple projects and manage details such as issues and documents without having to create a full site for each individual project.




Project Lite


Teams who are new to SharePoint or formal project management



Project Statement

Documents Library

Issue List

Status Reports


Light project management

The Project Lite template is suitable for projects that require a small amount of project management process.

The Project Lite template uses five items – the Project Statement, Tasks, Documents, Issues, and Status Reports – for lightly structured project management.

Project Lite also includes the Lists Board view for managing tasks in a visual, streamlined way.



Project Standard


Project management in all business departments including sales, marketing, engineering, and finance.






Resource Reporting

In-browser Task Scheduler


Medium amount of project management process

Building on the capabilities of the Project Lite template, Project Standard also includes Risks, Goals, Metrics, Resource Reporting, and a lightweight in-browser task scheduler.

The Project Standard template is useful for a range of business departments to run their projects including sales, marketing, engineering, and finance.

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Project Structured


Experienced project teams



Team and role definitions

Change Requests

Lessons Learned

Enhanced MS Project Professional sync


Structured project management

The Project Structured template delivers a fully-structured project site for managing complex projects.

The Project Structured template includes all the capabilities in Project Standard, plus Team and Role definitions; Change Requests; Lessons Learned, and Post Mortem.

Project Structured also provides enhanced SharePoint to Microsoft Project Professional integration and facilitates the syncing of extra auto-calculated information into SharePoint such as Baseline information; Costs; and Planned Work and Duration.

The template is ideal for experienced project teams.


Phase Gate


Long-term or complex projects with distinct phases.



Built-in, editable phases

Customized notification workflows 



Structured project management

The Phase Gate template is used to divide projects into distinct stages or phases.

The Phase Gate template is based on the Project Standard Template. In addition to the features of Project Standard, the Phase Gate Template ships with three phases – Plan, Initiate, and Execute –  created in the project site. Edit these phases or add more to match your requirements.

The template also includes customized notification workflows and reporting.

“As our business needs change, new reports and changes to our project templates can be internally developed in a short period of time. We consistently leverage the design sync feature which allows us to synchronize these improvements to existing projects in a controlled manner”.

Charles Atmore, PMO Manager, Professional Services, Schneider Electric

Project Reporting for SharePoint

BrightWork Project Management templates for SharePoint include reporting capabilities to track project progress.
Runs on SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

Project Reporting

Project reports focus on important details like metrics, issues, open work, and resources, giving project managers the tools to keep projects on track.

‘My Work’ Reports
The ‘My Work’ report is a list of work assigned to the logged-in user. Team members can track and report on their assigned work, and flag issues in one place.

Live Dashboards

Live dashboards provide a real-time summary of key project metrics and KPIs so you instantly see what is happening on your project.

Project Status Reports

The Project Status Report captures a snapshot of the current project status and maintains a historical record of the project’s progress.

Project Status Reports

The Project Status Report captures a snapshot of the current project status and maintains a historical record of the project’s progress.


Using the Boards web part, project tasks are listed in a Kanban style display for at-a-glance updates. Easily drag and drop cards between columns to update work and address risk quickly.

Project Metric Dashboards

The BrightWork Project Metrics list tracks and captures project metrics (e.g. number of red issues; Project Health; the number of overdue items) and feeds this information to reports, charts, and KPI web parts.

Metric Scorecards

Metrics scorecards display project metric trends over time to help predict the likely outcome of your project. Use out-of-the box themes or customize to suit your reporting requirements.

Metric Tiles

The Metric Tiles web part is an easy way to display metrics anywhere in your project site. Keep key metrics like % Complete, Open Issues, or Project Completion Dates where everyone can see them.

Gantt Charts

The Project Schedule Gantt displays all the items from a project in a structured hierarchical Gantt.

Resource Usage

Resource Usage reports display how project work has been assigned, allocated, or over-allocated in a configurable calendar-like view.

Report Automation

Provide the high-level project portfolio dashboard that sponsors and other stakeholders need, with the ability to drill down to take a closer look at a project.



Free SharePoint Project Management Template

Get started in minutes with a simple and intuitive project management template for teams using SharePoint.


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