SharePoint Project Management Templates

BrightWork helps project managers to deliver successful projects with collaborative and intuitive project management templates and automated project management reporting.

Organizations can start quickly with any of these templates out-of-the-box, and then easily configure them to evolve to local project management practices as needed.

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Projects and Work Tracker

The Projects and Work Tracker provides a single site for tracking the high-level details about several projects, without having to create a full site for each individual project.

It includes a Documents library and Tasks and Issues lists to track items from multiple projects. This template is an excellent starting point for teams just starting to deploy project management; however, many BrightWork customers continue to use this template for certain projects, as well as using the full site templates to manage more complex projects.


Project Lite

The Project Lite template is the next step up from the Projects and Work Tracker, providing a collaborative site to manage a single project.

The Project Lite template includes five items (Project Statement; Tasks; Documents; Issues; and Status Reports) to manage the project in a lightly structured manner. This is a very popular starting template, especially for teams new to SharePoint or formal project management.


Project Standard

The Project Standard template delivers a medium amount of process to manage projects.

The template includes all the capabilities of the Project Lite template and also adds Risks, Goals, Metrics and Resource Reporting, and includes a lightweight in-browser task scheduler. You can use the scheduler to move and calculate the dates on multiple tasks and promote data from tasks to summary tasks and metrics.


Project Structured

The Project Structured template delivers a fully-structured project site for managing complex projects and team experienced in project management.

The Project Structured template includes all the capabilities in Project Standard, plus Team and Role definitions; Change Requests; Lessons Learned; and Post Mortem.

Project Structured also provides enhanced SharePoint to Microsoft Project Professional integration and facilitates the syncing of extra auto-calculated information into SharePoint such as Baseline information; Costs; and Planned Work and Duration.


BrightWork templates include some additional enhancements to make it easier to stay on top of your projects with SharePoint:

Task Scheduling

With the in-browser task scheduling capability, you can easily plan work in the tasks list, like setting durations, adding start dates, and identifying predecessors. This allows you to calculate a simple schedule right in your BrightWork site.


Enhanced Microsoft Project to SharePoint Sync

BrightWork can use the Microsoft Project Professional to SharePoint sync as is out-of-the-box. BrightWork also comes with an optional extension with the ability to automatically sync, store, report and graph on extra data such as costs, work, duration and variances.


Enhanced SharePoint Lists

BrightWork includes a number of additional SharePoint list types such as Project Issues, Project Risks, Project Goals and Project Statement that are designed with specific project management processes in mind.

All BrightWork lists included tailored alerts, assignee email notification and per-item reference numbering.


Document Management

All BrightWork project management templates have a properly integrated document library for storing project deliverables, including all SharePoint document management capabilities of version control, check in and out, etc.