Project Management Health Check

Get more from BrightWork with a review of your current environment and project management processes.  

In just one hour, improve your project outcomes, assess your current BrightWork environment, and plan the next steps in your project management journey.  

What is a Project Management Health Check? 

A Project Management Health Check is a critical component of your BrightWork deployment.

Your dedicated Customer Success Partner uses this check-in to address your immediate needs and plan your medium and long-term objectives with BrightWork.

What’s Included?

  • Review your current BrightWork environment. 
  • Address any immediate issues and needs you may have.
  • Assess your current project management processes and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Deploy new product features in your BrightWork environment.
  • Uncover ways to increase user adoption of BrightWork.
  • Figure how BrightWork can help deliver on your project management goals for the coming year.
  • Create your customized Evolve Plan.
  • Deliver a personalized slide deck with your Project Management Success Plan.

Our Approach

A Project Management Health Check three main focuses: Immediate Needs, Current State, and Desired State.

Immediate Needs

You’ll start by addressing your immediate needs, which allows us to start on the right path. This is your time to ask any top-of-mind questions, bring any current issues to the table, or simply ask for a quick how-to. 


Current State

Then, you’ll move onto the current state of your BrightWork solution. A walkthrough of recent activity will help us to understand how you’re currently managing your projects and activities.  

This allows us to assess if there’s an easier way for you to accomplish the same result. We’ll also share new features or processes you might like to adopt. 


Desired State

Lastly, we’ll discuss your desired state. We will help you to plan and document your goals, priorities, and your vision for project management in your team or organization 

Together, we’ll help discuss how you’d like to evolve your project management and plan the next steps to ensure we get you there.  

Effort and Duration

A one-hour meeting.

After the Health Check, you and your Customer Success Partner will continue to work through your BrightWork Evolve Plans to deliver on your requirements and objectives.

When you are ready, and as needed, you can re-engage with your BrightWork Customer Success Partner to work through your backlogged items and requirements.

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