Project Management Health Check

Make sure BrightWork is meeting your PPM goals.

In your 1-hour BrightWork Project Management Health Check, you get to:

  • Do a robust value analysis of your current BrightWork solution
  • Plan the next steps to maximize the benefits of the BrightWork PPM tool for your project management journey
  • Improve your project outcomes as per your strategic goals
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What is a Project Management Health Check?

BrightWork Project Management Health Check is a critical component of your BrightWork deployment.

Your dedicated Customer Success Partner uses this essential 1-hour consultation to address your immediate needs and plan your medium and long-term project management objectives.

You’ll get more from BrightWork and SharePoint with a review of your current solution and project management processes.

What will you get out of this review?

At the end of this review, you will have mutually agreed on a your BrightWork Project Management Success Plan with your Customer Success Partner.

With BrightWork expertise, best practises, and built-in templates, you will be able to take your PPM strategy to the next level.

Our Approach

A BrightWork Project Management Health Check has three main focuses: Immediate Needs, Current State, and Desired State.

Each of these can be customized to focus on the specific Project Portfolio Management needs of your organization.

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1. Immediate Needs (Assess)

We start by addressing your immediate needs. This is your time to ask any top-of-mind questions, bring any current issues to the table, or simply ask for a quick how-to.

Basically, we make sure you are confident using and navigating through your BrightWork PPM tool.

Microsoft Power Automate and BrightWork 365

2. Current State (Agree)

At this stage, a walkthrough of the recent activities helps us to understand how you are currently managing your projects and activities.

A check-in to see if your portfolios and projects are fully set up in the new BrightWork home.

We identify if is there a faster and more efficient way to get higher visibility and control of your project portfolios. Can you improve your project management processes using the BrightWork solution?

We also introduce you to the latest updates and new features added to the solution that you might find useful.

BrightWork 365 and Microsoft 365 Integrations

3. Desired State (Deliver)

Here, we discuss your desired state for your project management processes. This is to help you plan and document your project management vision, goals, and priorities for your teams/organization.

Together, we decide and document a project management evolution strategy and work out the steps to put it in motion.

Effort and Duration

A one-hour meeting.

After the review, you and your Customer Success Partner will continue to work through your BrightWork Project Management Success Plan to deliver on your requirements and objectives.

When you are ready, and as needed, you can re-engage with your BrightWork Customer Success Partner to work through your backlogged items and requirements.

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