Manage new project requests on SharePoint

Review, approve, and resource the right projects, every time.

Manage new project requests on SharePoint

BrightWork Project Request Management SharePoint
BrightWork Project Request Management SharePoint
BrightWork PPM SharePoint

Optimize your Project Pipeline

A structured approach to project requests ensures new projects support strategic goals.

The Project Request Manager Template from BrightWork provides an easy way to track project requests from Draft to Approval and Project Site Creation – straight out-of-the-box.

4 Steps for Managing Project Requests on SharePoint

The BrightWork Project Request Manager Template follows a four-step process:

Step 1:

A new project proposal is submitted.

Use the Resource Allocation List to assign resources at a high-level in the request.

Log project request - Draft SharePoint
Review_Project Request SharePoint
Step 2:

The proposal is sent to the relevant individual(s) for review.

Automated email notifications keep the process moving forward.

Step 3:
Pending Decision

The reviewer(s) reviews the proposal and recommends the request for approval.

The approver receives an automated notification about the new request.

Pending decision_Project Request SharePoint
Create Project Site_Project Request SharePoint
Step 4:
Approved or Rejected

Approvers can rank the project pipeline and check Resource Allocation before making a decision about the new request.

Once approved, a new project site is created using the original request.

See Project Request Manager in Action!

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Project Request Management

Use terms to
Match your Local Processes

Set Permissions and add custom fields for
Ranking Project Requests

Configure the
Project Request Intake Form 

Add or remove
Request Process Steps

Assign new projects to a
Project Office

Update with
Automated Notifications

Project Request Management with BrightWork and Nintex

Nintex is a no-code, point-and-click solution used to automate project management processes such as status reporting and risk management.

Combining Nintex ‘LazyApproval’ with the BrightWork Project Request Manager Template allows reviewers to approve or reject a new request with an email.

BrightWork Project Request Management Nintex