4 Steps for Managing New Project Requests with SharePoint

⏲ Duration: 55 mins

Managing project requests effectively allows organizations to work on the right projects at the right time. If your process for project selection is inconsistent, projects will not be aligned to strategic goals and will have poor business outcomes.

With the ‘Project Request Manager’ Template from BrightWork, you can combine your project selection methods into one easy to deploy tool. This template gives you a simple, scalable approach to your project pipeline on SharePoint.

This template includes a simple project request form and transparent ranking process for new project requests to ensure alignment with business objectives.

In this webinar, Jonathan Browne shows you how to:

  • Rank, manage, and report on new requests.
  • Manage new requests from Draft to Approval.
  • Use the ‘Resource Allocation’ list to assign resources.
  • Create a project site based on approved requests.


The BrightWork solution must be installed on either SharePoint On-Premises (SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010) or on SharePoint hosted in a separate cloud. BrightWork does not run on SharePoint Online. Please see our pricing page for deployment options.

The Presenter

Jonathan Browne
Customer Success Partner