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US-based Crystal Group is known to ensure successful, seamless operations by deploying compute technology that cohesively integrates hardened physical assets with impenetrable data protection for Industrial and Military & Defense needs.

Operations and project teams at the Crystal Group faced a critical need for consolidating all project tasks, schedules, documents, and scope into one place. They realized that their project management methods were inconsistent and cumbersome.

The management team at Crystal were looking for a single project management solution that they could modify to match all their project portfolio management needs including securely tracking all information in a centralized, secure manner.

They are currently using the BrightWork 365 project management solution and services for the following PPM processes:

  • Scheduling
  • Tasks, Issues, Risks, tracking
  • Processing project requests
  •  Document Storage
  • Audit artefacts
  • Status reporting
  • Priority setting
The fact that Brightwork 365 is hosted within our tenant ensures that our data remains secure and compliant, giving us peace of mind while managing our projects. Furthermore, the tool's ability to adapt to our specific needs through customization using Power Apps has been a game-changer!


Improving organizational project management with BrightWork 365

Along with the need to manage projects better in a centralized place, the group needed a PPM tool that would allow them to store sensitive project data and documents in a secure manner.

By implementing the BrightWork 365 solution built on the Microsoft 365 platform, the management at the Crystal Group got immediate and a lot more visibility into all their projects. Setting project tasks and timelines also became a lot easier. Project reporting was another area that saw tremendous improvement with a clear and standardized reporting system that uses Power BI dashboards. Training and transitioning project team members became a lot smoother with a standard deployment process. Now when a team member gets assigned to a project at the company, they can go find the information they are looking for without waiting for direction.

Better Collaboration with BrightWork 365, Power Platform, and Teams

The big impact since implementing the BrightWork 365 ppm tool is that the communication gaps between departments and teams have started to bridge. The single solution has replaced around six different tools used previously. Now every project team member in the organization knows exactly how to find documents, actions, schedule, and POC’s for any project they might need information on.

Cross-departmental roadmap for BrightWork 365 Solution and Services

The organization is currently using the project management solution for tracking engineering projects. This encompasses their internal initiatives as well as customer-funded designs. A large part of the company has visibility across projects along with easy and secure access to relevant information. Their industrial engineering team and marketing team have also adopted the user-friendly BrightWork 365 tool to manage their projects, and it is likely that they might each have their own project portfolio environments in the future.




Predictable performance in unpredictable environments.

100% employee owned and operated, everyone at Crystal Group is invested in delivering meaningful innovation, reliable products and exceptional customer service. They customize the right rugged compute solution for the customers.

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