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Scott Footlik
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Recently, BrightWork and HMS Software announced a partnership that brings our two products together: BrightWork and TimeControl. TimeControl is a time management application that interfaces with BrightWork to provide robust time reporting and management for all users in BrightWork.

For the first time, project planning in BrightWork project management sites is integrated into a comprehensive-time management interface that users can record time spent on their projects and tasks through employee timesheets.

TimeControl has been designed to serve many purposes at the same time. The application allows you to track time on a task-by-task and project-by-project basis. TimControl remains a financial timesheet with all the controls necessary to fulfill the stringent needs of payroll, human resources, and finance.


How TimeControl integrates with BrightWork

TimeControl brings enterprise timesheet management to this collaborative process with a bidirectional link with BrightWork. The link brings BrightWork project and task information to TimeControl. It presents that information to end-users who can provide their daily or weekly updates on these tasks, along with any other non-project timesheet information at the same time.

HSM TimeControl and BrightWork


Many project management organizations require timesheet data to do more than just update the tasks in the project management system. There are also requirements to provide auditable labor and cost information that is used for systems such as Billing, Payroll or Job Costing.

Now all these needs are provided for simultaneously through the BrightWork TimeControl combination. This two-minute video shows this functionality in action.



HMS and BrightWork have worked together to design the integration between TimeControl and BrightWork so users have a single point of entry for their timesheet information for numerous systems at one time.

The link is included with TimeControl and can be used with BrightWork on-premise or in the cloud.


Enterprise Timesheet Reporting

TimeControl provides flexible Excel-like reporting formats that have unlimited levels of data selection, filtering, and sorting.  It also includes a Drill Down Analyzer capability for instant ad-hoc analysis of data at any level.


Timesheet Reporting


The Best of Enterprise Project and Time Management

Integrating TimeControl with BrightWork brings a new level of best in breed project and portfolio management process together with auditable actuals. Now enterprise timesheets can work seamlessly with the BrightWork collaborative project management system.


Time Management


If you would like to learn more about BrightWork, watch our 20-minute video demo.

Scott Footlik
Scott Footlik

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