BrightWork for Government

Federal, State, and Local Government agencies turn to BrightWork to manage their projects, portfolios, and programs on SharePoint.

Get Visibility into the Status of Projects and Programs

Real-Time Dashboards

Project and program dashboards in SharePoint ensure you have real control and real visibility into all your projects. The portfolio dashboards provide the true status of all your projects, so you can deliver on your mission.

Transparent Reporting

Centralized reporting dashboards, with R-A-G status, KPIs, and metrics, provide total transparency into the health of projects, ensuring program delivery excellence.

Align Strategy and Operations

Portfolio reporting dashboards provide insight into project health, risks, and new project requests, so you can ensure all projects stay on track and align to strategic goals.

Best-Practice Project Management Templates

Modernize Your Project Management Processes

The best-practice project management templates based on SharePoint empower you to introduce modern processes, so you can manage operational projects and work orders with confidence.

Hold The Team Accountable

The transparency offered by SharePoint means that the project plan is always visible, keeping the personnel focused on the mission, meeting deadlines on time, and delivering on their commitments.

Capture Lessons Learned

Improve organizational project management and accelerate process efficiency by capturing lessons learned in SharePoint, and applying them to future projects.

Secure and Efficient Collaboration and Document Control

Break Down Silos

Consolidating all project information in one secure SharePoint environment reduces administrative burdens and improves communication between teams and departments.

Simple Task Management

Personal work reports and alerts help personnel handle their day-to-day duties, manage operational projects and complete work orders on time.

Secure Document Control

The SharePoint document library is a simple but powerful way to store all documents in one central and secure location and to maintain data accuracy with version control. Easily access or share critical documents with the knowledge that they are safely stored in one location.

Cost-Effective Deployment Options


Free Project Management Template that can be installed securely in your own SharePoint environment.

Compatible with SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.


BrightWork can be installed securely in your own SharePoint environment.

Compatible with SharePoint 2016, 2013, and 2010.

Perpetual software licenses and annual support contract.


Accessible and scalable cloud-based project and portfolio management environment on SharePoint.

Per user / per month pricing

Accelerated oboarding

Start with a free 30-day trial

FedRAMP Cloud

Private cloud with SaaS compliance at FedRAMP Moderate, High, and DoD CC SRG IL 2/4/5 levels.

BrightWork can be purchased from the GSA Schedule 70, SIN 132 40 Cloud Computing Services contract vehicle. Contract Number: GS-35F-497CA.

Past Performance

Government Project and Program Management on SharePoint

See how BrightWork will help you get your government projects and programs under control in a secure SharePoint environment.

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