Project and Portfolio Management for Finance

Accelerate project delivery, reduce costs, and implement standard project processes with BrightWork

Accelerate Project Delivery

Project and Portfolio Reporting Dashboards

Focus on increasing project and portfolio performance with real-time dashboards and cross-project reporting, accelerating project delivery and lowering costs.


Track the status of projects

Use BrightWork reports to track project status, manage risks, and allocate resources. With this information, help stakeholders make important decisions with confidence.


Manage tasks and the project timeline

Streamline project efficiency by making sure team members are working on the right tasks and are updating their progress with automated reports and reminders.

Free SharePoint Project Management Templates

Easily configure reports with accurate data, updated in real-time to meet stakeholder expectations

Quickly Get Visibility Across The Product Portfolio

Real-Time Reporting

Bring projects and portfolios under control in a fast-paced environment with real-time dashboards, metrics, and scorecards.


Manage multiple projects in one place

The cross-project reporting lets you view all the projects in flight at the same time, ensuring that there are no surprises and projects stay on track.


Quickly find the projects in trouble

Streamline the portfolio reporting to get a view of all products and projects underway at one time. Easily identify projects in trouble and address risks quickly.

“The BrightWork Customer Success and Support teams have been phenomenal. We purchased support hours when we initially started and we have gotten an extreme amount of value from them. We are not just told what to do but we are shown and trained so we can do it for ourselves.”

Ray Jean & Tim Pratt, Office of Project Management

Keep All Project Information in One Secure Location

Security and permissions

BrightWork uses standard SharePoint security settings such as encryption, permissions, and document management. In addition to these built-in features, BrightWork offers further control over reports, list, and site settings.


One secure location

Store and manage all your project documents in one secure location. Easily access or share critical documents with the knowledge that they are safely stored in one location.


Highly configurable to ensure compliance

It’s easy to configure BrightWork project sites to manage financial and regulatory compliance, and implementation of processes and procedures so your team never has to worry about overlooking an important step.

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