BrightWork for Financial Services

Financial institutions turn to BrightWork to accelerate project delivery, reduce costs, and implement standard project processes on SharePoint.

Align Strategy and Execution with Project Management Templates

Keep work moving forward

Keep an eye on the project schedule right in the SharePoint site and get instant visibility in the progress of all project work.

Track the status of projects

Quickly create project reports with all project data in one place and in the right format, including Key Project Metrics, Task Status Charts, Gantt charts, and more..

Automatically send reports to senior management

Give leadership a snapshot view of how the projects are performing with status reports that are created automatically from the information in the project site.

Establish a PMO and get Visibility Across the Project Portfolio

Oversee the status of all projects

The cross-project reporting lets you view all the projects in flight at the same time, ensuring that there are no surprises and projects stay on track.

Optimize resource allocation

Identify and address skills shortages that could affect current or future projects and improve project planning with greater visibility into available resources.

Manage the new project pipeline

Streamline project request management so you approve and resource the right projects to support strategic goals.

Implement Scalable Project Management on SharePoint

Get a fast start with SharePoint templates

Use best-practice templates on SharePoint to reduce the learning curve and accelerate user adoption in a familiar environment.

Improve organizational project management at scale

Easily create, use, reuse, and update your project management best-practices on an organizational scale without any impact on performance or reporting.

Configure BrightWork to ensure regulatory compliance

Configure your project sites to manage regulatory compliance and your organizational processes so your team never has to worry about overlooking an important step.


Deployment Options


Free Project Management Template that can be installed securely in your own SharePoint environment.


BrightWork can be installed securely in your own SharePoint environment.



Accessible and scalable cloud-based project and portfolio management environment on SharePoint.

Dedicated Cloud

Private and secure cloud-based project and portfolio management environment on SharePoint.


Learn how BrightWork

can help your team

Schedule some time to talk to one of our Solution Experts and they will show you how BrightWork will help your team deliver more successful projects with SharePoint.

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