Project and Portfolio Management for Banks and Credit Unions

Accelerate project delivery, reduce costs, and implement standard project processes with BrightWork for SharePoint On-Premises.

Banks and credit unions all over the world use BrightWork to manage their projects on SharePoint.

Standardize Processes with Project Management Templates

Get a Fast Start with Sharepoint Templates

Use no-code SharePoint templates to start projects the right way, every time.


Stay on Track with Transparent Reporting

Understand the big picture with real-time insights into performance, work reports, budget, and risks.


Automatically Send Reports to Senior Management

Keep stakeholders informed with real-time dashboards and automated email reports.

BrightWork Project Structured Template SharePoint
QuoteBen Stephenson,
Executive Manager, Technology and Data, Police Credit Union 
“BrightWork is a simple project management tool that can be used effectively by the whole project team without specialized or extensive training and knowledge.”

Execute the Right Projects To Reach Your Strategic Goals

Manage the New Project Pipeline

Ensure approved projects and programs are aligned to strategic goals with the Project Request Manager Template.


Optimize Resource Allocation

Plan resource assignments for upcoming initiatives and check assignments against current projects using a configurable calendar view.


Track the Progress of Approved Projects

Get instant visibility with real-time dashboards, drill-down reports, and interactive Power BI dashboards.

BrightWork Project Request Management


BrightWork Approach to Successful Project Portfolio Management

Start quickly to get immediate standardization and visibility for your projects so you can easily control your project portfolio.

Evolve by adding and maturing your project management processes and practices to achieve more timely and predictable outcomes.

BrightWork Approach BrightWork

Control Standards and Reduce Risks

Leverage SharePoint Security and Permissions

Manage access to important information with standard SharePoint security settings such as encryption, permissions, and document alerts.


Track Risks Across Projects and Portfolios

Quickly find and resolve risks across projects and portfolios with a risk management module, configured to meet your needs.


React Quickly to New Regulations

Easily update live sites to comply with new requirements using BrightWork Template Design Sync.

BrightWork Project Risk Reports SharePoint
See how BrightWork makes it easy to deliver projects, improve collaboration, and control portfolios on SharePoint On-Premises (2019, 2016, 2013).