3 Simple Steps for Managing Project Risks in SharePoint


⏲ Duration: 30 mins

Managing risks is crucial to ensuring that your project progress isn’t derailed by events or circumstances. 

Project Risks are any future conditions or events that can negatively impact the outcome of your project.

By staying proactive and identifying, assessing and planning a response strategy, you can limit the potential delays or failure of your project. 

BrightWork leverages SharePoint and creates project reports to show all top open issues and risks across one or multiple projects. 

In this webinar, Project Management Consultant Traci Grassi shares practical tips on:

  • Creating a risk management module in SharePoint.
  • Tracking portfolios with reporting dashboards.
  • Enhanced portfolio risk management.


The BrightWork solution must be installed on either SharePoint On-Premises (SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010) or on SharePoint hosted in a separate cloud. BrightWork does not run on SharePoint Online. Please see our pricing page for deployment options.

Meet The Presenter

Traci Grassi
Customer Success Partner