Start with Standardized Project Management Templates

BrightWork includes a range project management templates that help you get projects started the right way every time, with the right amount of project management for the project and team in question.

Create a project site

You can easily create a site to manage your project using a simple step-by-step project site creation interface, designed to capture all the relevant information needed to initiate the project.

SharePoint Project Management

Initiate a project

The templates are designed to guide project managers through the project setup process, starting with elements like the project statement and project goals.

Plan a project

It’s easy to build a project plan using the SharePoint Tasks List. BrightWork includes a lightweight, in-browser scheduling capability to calculate a simple project schedules. For more complex projects, the schedule can be planned in Microsoft Project and brought back into SharePoint using the two-way sync.

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Manage with a Collaborative Toolset

The collaborative project management features in BrightWork make it as easy as possible to see what is going on in the project and keep stakeholders informed.

Track progress of a project

You can track progress of a project in BrightWork through a series of Work, Issue, and Risk reports and metric dashboards.

Re-plan a project

With the built-in task scheduling capability in BrightWork, project managers can move tasks and change dates as needed. Since tasks are easily grouped and managed together, if the delivery date for a predecessor task changes, associated tasks are automatically updated.

Close a project

Completed projects can be formally closed and archived so that they stop rolling up to live dashboards. BrightWork has the ability to report on closed projects so you can keep track of past projects and lessons learned.

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Inform with Automated Reporting

BrightWork templates come with automated reporting and dashboards to provide project visibility to the people who need it.

Provide project updates

Easily provide the dashboards project sponsors and other stakeholders need to understand what’s happening with the project. Any BrightWork report can be easily configured and personalized for the needs of specific users.

Create project status reports

Project status reports capture a snapshot of the project at a moment in time. With BrightWork, you can create a project status report in 3 to 5 minutes.

Automatically send reports to stakeholders

Project reports can also be sent to project stakeholders automatically via scheduled email. For example, you might schedule a daily work reminder to the team members and a weekly update to the project sponsor every Friday.


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