Understand with a Team-Focused Project Site

BrightWork project sites bring all project information together in one place, so you always know what’s happening on the project and never lose sight of the big picture.

Understand the project ‘big picture’

The collaborative site in SharePoint makes it easy for everyone on the team to understand the project management approach being used and get visibility into key project metrics so they know what is happening on the project.

Discover ‘My Work’

‘My Work’ reports help all team members manage their work and priorities on the project. All work reports can be easily personalized to suit personal styles and preferences.

Follow the work of other team members

You can also check the team member dashboards to see what other team members are doing or not doing!

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Deliver with a Work Management System

BrightWork gives you a simple work management system to manage tasks and track your progress, including work that occurs outside of projects.

Do the work!

You can carry out a lot of the project work, such as managing deliverables or responding to issues right in the project site.

Update ‘My Work’ progress

You can easily report the status of your work, including progress, percent complete, and status comments in the project site. And with BrightWork, you only need to update an item once, and all reports are updated!

Manage non-project work

A lot of day-to-day work falls outside of formal projects. BrightWork can also track non-project work, so you can manage all your tasks from one centralized to-do list.

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Collaborate with the Microsoft SharePoint Platform

Since BrightWork is built on SharePoint, your team can leverage the powerful collaboration and document management features in SharePoint to move work forward.

Be productive as a team

Teams quickly get the benefits of a culture of collaboration by leveraging native SharePoint capabilities like shared sites, document management, co-authoring, version control, discussions and social capabilities.

Find solutions to problems

Search and report through the entire SharePoint environment to find people, templates, samples and solutions to parts of the project you find difficult.

Contribute to the wider group expertise

Connect with other team members using SharePoint blogs, wikis, discussions, groups and newsfeeds to collaborate, share knowledge and solve common challenges.


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