Project Portfolio Management on SharePoint

Everything you need to make project portfolio management easier and more successful in your organization.

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Project Management Success, Made Easy

Visibility and control across portfolios of projects

BrightWork gives you visibility and control across projects and portfolios, so you know what’s happening across all projects in the organization.

These real-time portfolio dashboards show you how all projects and portfolios are performing at a glance.

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Intuitive project management templates

BrightWork includes a range project management templates that are pre-configured to deliver project, portfolio and work management on SharePoint.

The range of templates help you to get a project up and running very quickly, with the right amount of project management for the situation at hand.

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Enhanced team collaboration and productivity

BrightWork project sites bring all project information together in one place, so you always know what’s happening on the project and never lose sight of the big picture.

Team members can quickly and easily update the progress of their work and keep track of the project in the collaborative project site.

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Highly flexible to evolve with your needs

BrightWork gives you the tools and resources to support the continuous improvement of project management in your organization.

The familiar SharePoint interface and easy deployment options help ensure successful user and organizational adoption.

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Check out our latest release with improved charting, enhanced performance and improved usability of our project portfolio management software for SharePoint.  Learn more!