Project Management Reporting

BrightWork project management reporting includes a range of automated project reports so you can track individual and project team progress. High-level portfolio dashboards give senior executives the cross-project visibility they need for effective control and better decision-making.

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Portfolio Reporting

Real-time portfolio dashboards with project metrics and traffic light indicators give senior executives visibility into how all projects and portfolios are performing and easily identify the ones that are in trouble.


Project Reporting

Project reports focus on important details like metrics, issues, open work and resources, giving project managers the tools to keep projects on track and stakeholders informed.


See how BrightWork reporting dashboards allow you to quickly track the health and progress of all projects across the organization.

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Project Status Reports

BrightWork includes live up-to-the-minute reports, but what if you wanted to review the project status from a week ago or a month ago? BrightWork includes a capability that enables you to capture a snapshot of the current project status and maintain a historical record of the project’s progress.

Project status reporting in BrightWork is now better than ever. The templates now include a new list type, Project Status Report, which features a new column mapping feature that makes it easy to bring in data from your project statement, project metrics, or the previous status report. Whereas before you might have had to delve into SharePoint Designer to customize your status reports, now everything is just a few clicks away.


Live Dashboards

Live dashboards provide a real-time summary of key project metrics and KPIs so you instantly see what is happening on your project.


Project Metric Dashboards

The Project Metrics list enables you to track and capture metrics relating to the project. Project metrics are important because they give you and the other project stakeholders an easy, objective and scientific way of measuring the progress of the project, and also the grounds with which to make important decisions as to the direction and scope of the project.

The BrightWork Project Metrics list tracks and captures project metrics (e.g. number of red issues; Project Health; the number of overdue items) relating to the project and feeds this information to reports, charts and KPI web parts.


‘My Work’ Reports

Every user has a ‘My Work’ report that shows them all their assigned work, work due soon and overdue work.


Metrics Scorecards

Metrics scorecards show an attractive summary project metric trends have been over time to help predict the future. You can choose which metrics to display, change the time intervals and update look and feel to better suit your projects and context.


Personal Reports

Senior executives, project managers and team members can all create personal views of any report, including creating report filters that work across multiple projects.


Gantt Charts

The Project Schedule Gantt displays all the items from a project in a structured hierarchical Gantt. In the Project Office template, there is a high-level project Gantt that gives senior executives a snapshot of all projects in that portfolio.


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Scorecard Themes

You can now pick from six pre-defined scorecards themes, or simply tailor your scorecards exactly how you want.


Report Sharing

Reports can be printed, emailed and exported to a variety of sources: Microsoft Excel (including to a web query); XML; and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. They can also scheduled to be sent to the relevant audience at specific times.


Report Filtering and Sorting

BrightWork reports include in-report filtering and sorting right from the ribbon.


Configurable Reports

BrightWork reports can be configured from the SharePoint ribbon, including easy to set up cross-list and cross-site report filters.



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BrightWork Reporter Library

The BrightWork Reporter Library is where all reports are stored and managed. You can easily update any out-of-the-box reports or create your own version of a report. All changes you make to a BrightWork report are instantly reflected in any templates using that web part.

The BrightWork Reporter Library includes the Report Editor for code-free editing of the XML that drives the reports (e.g. reporting on custom columns added to lists).