Smart Project Management Features

SharePoint is a great platform for team and project collaboration, but it doesn’t have everything that a busy project manager might need. BrightWork includes a number of SharePoint enhanced features for Smart Project Management.

Click here to read a blog post that gives a quick overview of the differences between BrightWork and native SharePoint.

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Task Scheduling

With the in-browser task scheduling capability you can easily plan work in the tasks list, like setting durations, adding start dates, and identifying predecessors. This allows you to calculate a simple schedule right in your BrightWork site.


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Project Metric Dashboards

The Project Metrics list enables you to track and capture metrics relating to the project. Project metrics are important because they give you and the other project stakeholders an easy, objective and scientific way of measuring the progress of the project, and also the grounds with which to make important decisions as to the direction and scope of the project.

The BrightWork Project Metrics list tracks and captures project metrics (e.g. number of red issues; Project Health; number of overdue items) relating to the project and feeds this information to reports, charts and KPI web parts.


Metrics Scorecards

Metrics scorecards show an attractive summary project metric trends have been over time to help predict the future. You can choose which metrics to display, change the time intervals and update look and feel to better suit your projects and context.


Project Status Reports

BrightWork includes live up-to-the-minute reports, but what if you wanted to review the project status from a week ago or a month ago? BrightWork includes a capability that enables you to capture a snapshot of the current project status and maintain a historical record of the project’s progress.

Project status reporting in BrightWork is now better than ever. The templates now include a new list type, Project Status Report, which features a new column mapping feature that makes it easy to bring in data from your project statement, project metrics, or the previous status report. Whereas before you might have had to delve into SharePoint Designer to customize your status reports, now everything is just a few clicks away.


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Enhanced Microsoft Project to SharePoint Sync

BrightWork can use the Microsoft Project Professional to SharePoint sync as is out-of-the-box. BrightWork also comes with an optional extension with the ability to automatically sync, store, report and graph on extra data such as costs, work, duration and variances.


Enhanced SharePoint Lists

BrightWork includes a number of additional SharePoint list types such as Project Issues, Project Risks, Project Goals and Project Statement that are designed with specific project management processes in mind.

All BrightWork lists included tailored alerts, assignee email notification and per-item reference numbering.


Site Collection Hierarchy Support

Many organizations are structured in a hierarchy appropriate to the organization’s needs and circumstances. The criteria for the structure can be geography, function, department, etc. Out-of-the-box SharePoint tends to treat every site like an island. BrightWork fully supports the concept of structure being reflected in a SharePoint site collection hierarchy.

Every department (e.g. Marketing, Engineering) can have their own subset of projects. They will each need a location where they can see rollup information about their projects. All BrightWork reports can report on sites located below them in the hierarchy. The Project Hierarchy web part maps out and provides access to the hierarchy.


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Better SharePoint Navigation

The days of being lost in your site collection are behind you with the navigation helper controls. These controls let you quickly find out where you are in your site collection and swiftly navigate around your project.

There are several navigation controls to help you navigate around BrightWork and SharePoint, including the Top Links Bar, Report Tabs, Navigation Controls and the Quick Launch.


1. Top Links Bar

These links take you to the highest levels of your site collection.

2. Report Tabs

These links take you to the various project dashboards of your current project site.

3. Navigation Controls

Navigate Up One moves you to the site directly above your current location (very useful to quickly get to the parent project office).

The Where Am I? icon opens a dialog where you can see your current location in the site collection and gives you the ability to navigate to any other site for which you have permission.

The Page Location icon opens a breadcrumb hierarchy to your current site.

4. Quick Launch

The Quick Launch exposes the project management process for the current project site and provides easy access to the various project lists that make up the site.