Manage Projects and Portfolios on SharePoint with BrightWork 15.8

The newest release of BrightWork makes Project and Portfolio management on SharePoint even easier with these upgraded features

Introducing Boards For Brightwork


Update and change your projects comfortably with simple drag and drop actions on a Kanban style board, automatically adjusting project timelines and metrics accordingly.



By focussing on the efficient delivery of smaller tasks, teams can simultaneously increase their output and optimise their process.



Create a smooth flow of work throughout your Kanban board by easily monitoring and analysing your team’s progress.

Project management with SharePoint. Simplified.

Use BrightWork to deliver more successful projects by bringing all your projects and reporting together in one collaborative SharePoint environment.

Improved Navigation


Icons are larger, clearer, and with better descriptions to navigate the BrightWork hierarchy structure with ease



To always be able to see which project site you are accessing, Create a project site the site name is added to the left side navigation (i.e. quick launch).



Introducing the vastly improved ‘Where am I?’ feature which replaces the ‘Collapse All’ and ‘Reset’ actions. Simply refresh for quicker, locally cached results.

“In just 3 years, we have grown to 300 different groups using BrightWork, with more than 30,000 active users…BrightWork is a driving engine in the Amazon way of Project Management.”

Dave Berrier, Senior Manager, Amazon Projects

Copy and Synch Workflows


Optimize your out-of-the-box, BrightWork templates by adding SharePoint 2013 workflows.



Evolve and grow your project management by copying and syncing workflows from previously used templates into new project sites



Standardize your processes quickly and efficiently while scaling up.

“Using the BrightWork templates, we now have a much better understanding of all projects underway, as well as a system to review and manage new project requests. We have greater visibility into what is on track and what is falling behind”

John Dunphy, Head of SharePoint Team, Siemens Healthcare

A Complete Project and Portfolio Management Solution for SharePoint

Project Request Management

Scalable project request management for consistent and objective optimal project selection.

Real-time dashboards

Real-time cross-project portfolio dashboards deliver visibility for effective control.

Cards on Boards

The Boards view is a fast and visual way to manage tasks in a drag-and-drop interface, Kanban style, right in your SharePoint project site.

Standardized Templates

Standardized project management templates ensure quick and consistent project setup for every project.

Resource Tracking

High-visibility resource management ensures the best use of resources across all projects in the organization.

Enhanced Navigation

Site collection navigation has been overhauled to improve speed, discoverability, and to simplify the options so you can spend more time working the project.

Project planning

BrightWork templates are set up to guide project planning and setup, including an in-browser task scheduling capability right from the tasks list in SharePoint.

Track projects

Collaborative project sites house up-to-date project information, so you can easily track the progress of a project.

Automated reporting

Provide the high-level dashboards that project sponsors and other stakeholders need, with the ability to drill down to take a closer look at a project.

Task management

Team members can easily manage their priorities across many projects and quickly provide updates right in the project site.

Highly configurable

Easy-to-configure templates and template management features make it simple to build improved processes into templates and roll them out to live projects.

Easy project site creation

Project sites are created using an elegant and simple step-by-step interface, ensuring you have the right templates and processes for the project at hand.

Start managing more successful projects with SharePoint

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