BrightWork Product Training Course

Complete a comprehensive training course on using BrightWork in just 16 hours.

Leverage your BrightWork solution for project and portfolio management with customized training.

What is BrightWork Product Training Course?

BrightWork Product Training Course is a customized learning program based on your environment and project management processes.

The training course is a critical part of your project management deployment, allowing your teams to take on and grow their usage of BrightWork quickly and efficiently.

Once the training is completed, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from BrightWork.

All training participants, as well as anyone else in your organization, can continue to develop their BrightWork skills with full access to our online training materials.

Why take the training course?

The BrightWork Training Course will help you to get more from the solution for project and portfolio management.  

After completing the course, you will: 

  • Thoroughly understand the BrightWork solution.
  • Have the knowledge you need to manage all your organization’s project types. 
  • Pull your own reports and customize personal reports to get the data you need for your specific job function. 
  • Know where to find your work so that you never miss a deadline and can share your progress. 
  • Manage and maintain your resources so that they’re never over-allocated and can set workloads properly. 
  • Understand how to deploy new BrightWork features and capabilities. 

Our Approach

Your Customer Success Partner (CSP) will customize your training so that it is specific to your environment and enables your team to adopt BrightWork quickly.  

The course is suitable for the project management champion from your group and other relevant team members such as senior managers, project managers, and team members.

The course covers the following areas: 

  • End-User Training: Role-based user training for stakeholders, senior management, team members, and project managers. Learnings include the elements of a project site, cross-project reporting, task management, and customizing reports. 
  • Configuration Training: This section covers basic to advanced configurations, including project request management, BrightWork Reporter, Metrics, and Template Design Sync. 
  • Training also includes setting up the Training Project Office for ongoing training needs.    


Effort and Duration

16 hours of training delivered in one week or over two weeks, depending on team availability.

BrightWork Customer Success Team
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