Personal and Collaborative Leadership Training 

Develop the leadership skills and insights needed for successful project and team management. 


About our Personal and Collaborative Leadership Training

Leadership is experienced in moments and can be tough.

We are challenged to lead ourselves, different situations, family, teams, and projects. Many people end up in these leadership positions without any formal training or coaching.

In an era when remote working and dispersed project teams are way more common, leadership is even more challenging.

This course is designed to give participants the leadership skills they need to lead themselves, teams, and projects. The course promotes leadership from the inside out.

Our Approach

The course is delivered as a series of workshops and is based on material from Personal and Collaborative Leadership: A Handbook,  written by BrightWork CEO, Éamonn McGuinness.

Participants will work through four key areas.

The first section works through the REP (Research, Execute, and Post-Mortem) process for managing and delivering on Personal Change.

Next, a series of workshops address Personal Leadership topics such as Energy and Time Management, Personality, and Attitude.

In the third section, participants focus on Situational Leadership covering Meetings, Presentations, Decisions, and Leadership Approaches.

The course concludes with Collaborative Project Management, a flexible, five-step approach to project management.

Once the course is complete, participants are welcome to use the materials to run internal workshops, courses, and coaching.

We are also happy to configure this course to better suit your needs.

Effort and Duration

This training course is run as a series of 12 group workshops, each lasting 2 hours, delivered over a 3 to 6 month period, with 5 days of effort.

The team and facilitator meet virtually once or twice per month.

The course is facilitated using a ‘flipped class’ model. Participants prepare assigned topics in advance and participate in interactive workshops with questions, answers, and coaching.

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