Better and Faster Project Management with BrightWork and Nintex

With BrightWork powering your project portfolio management on SharePoint, combined with the point-and-click automation of Nintex, you will get faster and better Project Portfolio Management (PPM), so you can make decisions faster and move projects forward to success sooner.


Blending BrightWork and Nintex functionalities was a no brainer for Amazon Projects. BrightWork delivered the flexible project management processes we needed at Amazon and through automation, Nintex made these processes faster.

Accelerate Adoption of Project Management Best Practices

Nintex project management automation (via workflows) can be baked right into the BrightWork project management templates, so they get automatically deployed when new projects are created. This allows for the rapid deployment of project management best practices using templates.

Automated Status Reporting

BrightWork project management templates on SharePoint provide all the tools required for project managers to track both project progress and performance and keep stakeholders informed. One way of tracking project progress is by it’s phase. As project tasks are completed by team members, so are their relative phases.

Using Nintex Workflows, you can automatically alert stakeholders via email that a phase is complete and indicate what the next actions are at this stage of the project.

Automated Exception Reporting

BrightWork templates for portfolio management give senior executives high-level visibility into the health of multiple projects across the organization.

Nintex Workflows make it easy to create new activities (e.g. issues or risks) in your projects, based on certain conditions. A typical example is that an issue is automatically logged if a critical milestone misses its deadline, which can then be tracked and assigned on the portfolio dashboards in BrightWork.

Flexible Project Request Management

BrightWork comes with a Project Request Manager template that provides a way to create new project requests, send them for review and recommendation for approval or rejection.

Nintex makes project request management even faster. Using Nintex LazyApproval, stakeholders can approve new project requests via email by simply replying with the word “Approve”, creating the project site automatically.

About Nintex

Nintex is easy, point-and-click workflow automation software to tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks – not code – helping you improve how you work.