Our Deployment Process

At BrightWork, our objective is to make it easy for you and your group to become successful managing projects with SharePoint.

Our 3D Deployment Process (Design, Deliver, Deploy) is a clear, transparent and practical change management process that is focused on your needs, so we can help you implement collaborative project management with BrightWork.

Stage 01 Design ...using Best Practices

  1. 01.


    First, we work with senior project management sponsors to capture your organization’s project management vision, both your short and long term goals. A helpful exercise in this step is to review other customers' case studies and examples to observe possibilities.

  2. 02.

    Evolve Plan

    Then we prioritize your requirements and determine which ones to include in the first iteration (with an associated measure of success). The other requirements will be placed on a prioritized backlog. We’ll also talk through and document any issues and risks that could affect the iteration and make adjustments to the plan.

  3. 03.


    In the design step, we’ll select which templates are right for you based on the iteration’s Evolve Plan and choose a configuration level for each template appropriate at the present time.

Stage 02 Deliver ...from Configurable Templates

  1. 01.


    Now we will start to configure templates and build out your preliminary project site hierarchy. If it’s your decision to contribute actively to template configuration alongside your BrightWork consultant, then you would complete the BrightWork configuration training as well.

  2. 02.


    At this stage, key stakeholders will review and validate the latest template design work before continuing. This ensures the amount of project management process being implemented is feasible in your environment. Based on feedback from key stakeholders, we’ll determine requirements to be adjusted immediately and those to be added to the backlog.

  3. 03.


    After verification, we will adjust the templates as needed. Sometimes (but not always) we need to cycle through the Configure-Verify-Adjust process to make project management success more likely and then complete final verification with stakeholders.

Stage 03 Deploy ...with Training as Needed

  1. 01.


    Prior to going live, we develop a roll out plan including training materials for each of the key roles (Team Member, Project Manager, Senior Manager) and deliver this training in a way that suits your team.

  2. 02.

    Go Live

    Now you are using BrightWork! It is a good idea to conduct a feedback session with the team after some initial usage to determine items to be adjusted immediately and those that will be added to the to the prioritized backlog.

  3. 03.


    Congratulations! You have completed this iteration. At this stage you will be up and running with BrightWork. The BrightWork Customer Success and Support Teams are available to support your deployment, work with you on training as needed and to help you successfully carry out your Evolve Plan.