Make Project Request Management Easier

with Microsoft 365

Make Project Request Management Easier
with Microsoft 365

Streamline the decision-making process to quickly start your key projects.

Standardize your project request management systems using BrightWork 365 integrated with Power Automate and select the right projects that are aligned with your strategic goals.

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See how you can optimize your project pipeline with Microsoft 365

Choose the right Project Request Forms to manage your project pipeline.

With a simple 4-stage process – Draft, Accept, Approve, and Create Project – our Request dashboard gives ample visibility and a unique control for managing new project requests. Choose from pre-built templates or configure them for each stage of the process as you go. 

Project Request Management PRM
BrightWork 365 and Microsoft Teams

Capture new project requests

Anyone in the organization can log and submit a new request using the project request form template, so you can capture and manage new ideas in one place. 

Capture New project requests
Review the right projects PRM
BrightWork 365 and Microsoft Teams

Review and approve the right projects 

Send automated notifications to reviewers and approvers to move the project request along. 

Approvers get visibility into the project pipeline and quickly review, and approve or reject all the new project requests 

BrightWork 365 and Microsoft Teams

Create project Sites based on approved requests

With BrightWork 365 you can create a new project site directly from an approved project request.

Save time while initiating new projects with the help of pre-selected templates.  

Create new project sites PRM
Evolve project request process PRM
BrightWork 365 and Microsoft 365 Integrations

Evolve your project request process

Add custom project request forms in the request tables to include more information about the requested project to improve your project governance.

Bring higher visibility so that approvers can make informed decisions and teams have a clear direction.  

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