Mature your project management processes. 

with Microsoft 365.

Mature your project management processes with Microsoft 365

Evolve your project management strategy to match the maturity of your projects.

Enhance your project management processes and practices as your projects mature or scale.

Continuously improve your BrightWork 365 project management tool and leverage your Microsoft 365 environment to align with your evolving business goals.



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See how you can leverage project management dashboards in Microsoft 365

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Continuously improve your BrightWork 365 project management solution


Customize your BrightWork 365 PPM software to match your ppm processes such as – project request management, controlling portfolios, project reporting, and more.

Add new project management templates to support additional project types, business processes, and new business groups.

Get access to new features of BrightWork 365 with every new release.

Manage New Project Requests with BrightWork 365
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Leverage our decades of Project Management expertise – Training and Programs

Project Management Coaching with an experienced PPM practitioner – based on a GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward) model. Equip your project managers and teams with project management best practices, tools, and skills.

Personal and Collaborative Leadership Training – attend the course delivered as a series of workshops – based on material from Personal and Collaborative Leadership: A Handbook,  written by BrightWork CEO, Éamonn McGuinness.



Personal and Collaborative Leadership: A Handbook
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