How to Use BrightWork with Microsoft 365 Apps

Shubhangi Pandey
By | Updated July 12, 2021 | 5 min read
How to Use BrightWork with Microsoft Apps

If your organization uses SharePoint On-Premises, you can use this pre-existing infrastructure as a practical, cost-effective approach to project and portfolio management.

By leveraging SharePoint, users get a fast start in a familiar environment and your IT team has one less new tool to manage.

Plus, SharePoint works alongside Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams, Project Professional, Power BI, Excel, and Outlook.

Consolidating project information and collaboration in one secure, easy-to-use tool location will accelerate and improve project delivery.

This article outlines how BrightWork, a PPM solution for SharePoint On-Premises,  enhances SharePoint and leverages popular Microsoft 365 applications.

BrightWork and SharePoint

BrightWork is a project and portfolio management solution that plugs right into your SharePoint On-Premises environment (server version of SharePoint 2019, 2016, or 2013) and can be installed within a couple of hours.

BrightWork PPM Software for SharePoint


As BrightWork keeps the same consistent interface as the rest of your SharePoint environment, users don’t need to contend with another new interface.

Project teams can continue to use familiar functions such as document management and search alongside enhancements such as better navigation and Agile Boards.

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BrightWork and Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of services, apps, and connectors used for reporting across numerous data sources, including SharePoint.

BrightWork includes a Power BI Reporting Pack with six dashboards:

  • Portfolios:
    • Portfolio Dashboards
    • Portfolio Timeline
    • Project and Task Timeline.
  • Projects:
    • Work Reports
    • Status Report Dashboard
    • Issue Report.


BrightWork Power BI Project Status Report

BrightWork Power BI Project Status Report


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BrightWork and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform with features such as instant chat, video meetings, and document management.

Teams is built on the Office 365 Groups (Groups) framework, bringing together various collaboration tools and options in one place.

Teams will replace Skype for Business by July 31st, 2021.

BrightWork does not integrate directly with Microsoft Teams. However, users can add a link to the BrightWork project site to the relevant channel in Teams.

This way, project teams can use BrightWork to find, do, and update work whilst collaborating with chat and video meetings in Teams.


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How the BrightWork Marketing Team Uses BrightWork (and Teams)



BrightWork and Microsoft Project Professional

Using the bi-directional sync between SharePoint and Microsoft Project Professional, project managers can update the project schedule in BrightWork and see the results in Project Server and vice versa.

The Project Structured Template in BrightWork provides an Enhanced Microsoft Project Schedule Sync.

This capability allows project managers to sync extra auto-calculated information into SharePoint such as baselines and variances for work, effort, and cost.

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BrightWork and Document Management

BrightWork leverages native SharePoint capabilities for secure document management.


BrightWork and Microsoft 365 Apps

BrightWork also works easily with Outlook and Excel.





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