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Getting The Best ROI From SharePoint For Your Projects – Part 2

March 21, 2019 by

In my last point, Getting The Best ROI From SharePoint For Your Projects – Part 1, I explained the protocols you should observe if you are building project management (or indeed any application) into SharePoint.

I explained that many of the protocols are written in the extensibility guidelines provided by Microsoft (e.g. never write straight to the database, rather use the SharePoint APIs, or you will be in upgrade hell!).


See BrightWork Project and Portfolio Management Software for SharePoint in action! 


I further explained that most of these rules and protocols you get with experience.   I then went on to give some sample questions you can ask yourself (or your IT department or your SharePoint vendor) to see how “friendly” your application is.  I also committed to giving more examples/screenshots – hence this follow-up post!


Does BrightWork act and look like SharePoint itself, so that your users find it easy to use?

Users should look at a home screen like this and not know that it is “Enhanced SharePoint” –  so it makes deployment faster and easier. Brightwork enhances the SharePoint interface that you are already familiar with.



















Does it use standards lists and libraries to store information?

All standard list functionality should work – but extra configuration options should be available and should be made available from the same place and in the same manner/style/interface as SharePoint makes them available.

BrightWork SharePoint list settings


Does it use web parts to report data?

Customers know to “edit web parts” – so this configuration option (if security cleared) should be available in the same place. You will also find BrightWork, project management, pre-configured web parts.

BrightWork reporter settings


Does it use the standard quick launch on a site to assist navigation?

This Quick Launch is standard SharePoint and is easy to understand and configure.



The out-of-the-box Quick Launch menu in our project and portfolio management templates maps to the project processes in that template. Of course, the Quick Launch menu can be customized as needed for each project site.


Does it use normal SharePoint security?

Enough said!  Can you imagine going to the IT Department and saying that you are using a different/modified security mechanism than SharePoint – yikes!

BrightWork site settings


Can I move and copy sites using the normal SharePoint provided capabilities?

You should have access to all the normal SharePoint Admin capabilities – and your BrightWork options should be added here also.

BrightWork site settings


Is it easily configurable? Can it be configured by non-IT people?

Yes, it is absolutely configurable. All configurations should be as easy as configuring a standard view in SharePoint

BrightWork configuration


Is it low cost and low complexity to upgrade?

Upgrading your SharePoint version is easy with low cost and low complexity. BrightWork is also continuously improved with regular updates that can be implemented easily and safely. We have released a version of BrightWork for every version of SharePoint On-Premises since 2001.

Our Customer Success team is always available to help with upgrades and support.


Happy Customers

I guess the proof is in the “delivery” over many years. Take a look at this customer testimonial from Amazon. Amazon started their BrightWork journey with the Free SharePoint Project Management Template. They’ve since grown to over 285 different groups using BrightWork across 30 countries, with more than 25,000 active users.


Eamonn McGuinness

Éamonn McGuinness is the CEO and founder of BrightWork. From 1995, Éamonn has been involved in the development of commercial software products on Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, with the same basic product mission (process-driven and people inspired collaborative project management).
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