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Using Power BI with BrightWork Project Reports

June 21, 2017 by

BrightWork offers incredible reporting capabilities across SharePoint site collections giving you visibility, clarity, and control of your projects.

You may want to incorporate some of that information into business dashboards; combine projects data with operational data in real-time from various sources e.g. project data from SharePoint, vendor costs from SAP, accounts from QuickBooks, and so on.


Watch our video tour for a complete look at BrightWork Project and Portfolio Management software for SharePoint


There are lots of tools emerging over the past few years to help with data mining and data extraction. The most popular tool I get asked about at present is Microsoft’s offering called Power BI.

Power BI integrates well with many of Microsoft’s technologies and applications, as well as 3rd party products that are continuously growing.

At present, Power BI only queries individual lists, not entire site collections or a site hierarchy. This means that if you wish to report on projects in SharePoint, this must be done one by one. As projects develop and mature, it could be hard to manage as any new sites created need to be added to the BI queries.

If you have a large portfolio of projects, using many different sites all engineering by many different people, this will become an unmanageable nightmare.


BrightWork and Power BI

This is where BrightWork can really stand out! You can create a dashboard to query a project office, for example, the project office metrics list. The metric list at the project office level is a roll-up of all metrics in the subsite (project sites) underneath in the hierarchy. Imagine a dashboard on PowerBI that pulls in all your Planned, Actual, and Remaining costs for all your organizational projects that updates as and when your SharePoint Project sites update.

This would combine and report on costs from any project tracking planned, actual or remaining costs in a task list, issues list, risk list, and so on.

Remember! BrightWork has advanced SharePoint reporting features out of the box! BrightWork includes cross-project charts and reports with real-time portfolio dashboards in SharePoint as standard.

By incorporating with Power BI, the information contained within BrightWork can increase visibility and control by combining the data with other enterprise data.


Power BI BrightWork Overview

Power BI and BrightWork Example

Taking an example where a project’s planned and actual costs are calculated at the level of a project and aggregated up to the project office, this information can be pulled into Power BI and included in more complex cross-enterprise reporting.

Power BI BrightWork



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