Integrate Power BI Reports into SharePoint Project Sites

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This article demonstrates how to integrate Power BI reports into a SharePoint project site in a few simple steps.


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Integrate Power BI Reports into SharePoint Project Sites

In the other blogs, I used the Power BI desktop application, however for this particular feature, I will be using the Power BI web app from the Office 365 tiles. 
I also assume that you have a report created in Power BI that you wish to view. If not, Using Project Cache and Power BI for Enterprise Reporting outlines how to create the reports inside PowerBI. 

  1. Launch and log into the Power BI web application.
  2. On the navigation pane, click on the Workspace where the report resides, and then select the report that you wish to show on your SharePoint intranet or BrightWork dashboard. On the top left of the report, click on “File” and select “Publish to Web”.  Power BI SharePoint
  3. Copy the HTML code created by Power BI. You can change the size of the frame if needed. Integrate SharePoint Power BI
  4. Log onto BrightWork or your SharePoint intranet site. Browse to the page where you want the Power BI dashboard displayed.
  5. Click on “Page” on the SharePoint ribbon, then click on “Edit Page”. Edit PageThe page will then show the various locations where you can add a Web Part. Click on “Add a Web Part” to the area on the page where you would like the Power BI report displayed.
  6. The various different web part categories and types will appear at the top of the page. Select “Media and Content” category and from there the “Script Editor” web part. This web part allows you to embed HTML into a SharePoint page. Imbed Power BI HTML
  7. The Web Part will now appear on the page. While remaining in Page Edit mode, click on “Edit Snippet” on the Script Editor Web Part. SharePoint Script Editor
  8. Paste the code copied from earlier before into the text box. A sample of the code report will render in the box.
  9. Once you are happy with the setup (you may want to adjust the width and height), click on “Stop Editing” on the page ribbon.
    Power BI SharePoint Intranet
  10. The report is now part of your Dashboards where you can continue your enterprise reporting with Power BI, SharePoint, and BrightWork. Integrate Power BI



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