BrightWork 365 Licensing and Installation Requirements

License Requirements

License Requirements for BrightWork 365

A full BrightWork 365 license will be required for any user who needs to view, create, update and/or delete any records in BrightWork 365, whether directly within the solution or indirectly via other means such as approval flows.

Users who only need to log a Project Request in BrightWork 365 can be assigned a free BrightWork 365 license.

Work items, such as tasks, issues, risks, and the review or approvals of project requests, can be assigned to any user in your Active Directory.

A user does not require a BrightWork 365 license to view a Microsoft Power BI dashboard.


Microsoft 365 License Requirements for BrightWork 365

The user installing BrightWork 365 needs to have a Power Apps per User license. They must also be a Power Platform Admin (global) or a System Administrator in the environment into which they are installing BrightWork 365.

All BrightWork 365 users need a Microsoft Power Apps license that has full Dataverse access (i.e., a ‘’Power Apps per User”, “Power Apps per App”, or “Power Apps pay-as-you-go”).

Anyone who wishes to view or use a Microsoft Power BI Dashboards will need a Power BI Pro license (minimum). Note – Included in all Microsoft E5 and G5 license plans.

Access to BrightWork365 will be managed by your IT administrator. Permissions can be managed by your IT administrator or delegated to a member of the Project Management or PMO team.

Note: The Power Apps and Power Automate for Office 365 licenses that are included with Microsoft 365 Business Standard are not sufficient as they do not provide the premium connectors necessary for BrightWork 365.

Installing BrightWork 365

BrightWork 365 installs into a Dataverse-enabled environment in a Microsoft Power Platform tenant. We recommend using a dedicated environment and not installing BrightWork 365 into the default environment.

Organizations require at least one Power Apps per User license, and 1GB of Dataverse database and file space each to install BrightWork 365.

The BrightWork 365 product installation guide can be accessed at this link.