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BrightWork 365 – Evolve

Maintain an ongoing relationship with an assigned BrightWork Customer Success Partner to continuously improve project management in your organization. 

What is the BrightWork 365 Evolve Service?

Your group has invested in BrightWork 365 and wishes to continuously improve your implementation of the product and processes around managing project requests, projects, and portfolios.

In addition to iterating on previous custom tailoring of the platform, you wish to have key people new to BrightWork 365, and potentially new to project management generally, trained in the smooth operation of project and portfolio management on the platform. 

BrightWork Services
BrightWork Services

Our Approach

Your dedicated BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will continue working with your group from where you concluded with the BrightWork 365 Start Service 

The Evolve service uses the Evolve plan and the larger Project Management Success Strategy document that was collaboratively developed during the initial Start service, using the BrightWork 3D Deployment Process (Design, Deliver, Deploy). 

The BrightWork Customer Success Partner will work with the project management Champion from your group as the main point of contact. They will work together during these Evolve sessions with the option to include project team members and additional stakeholders as necessary. 

Effort and Duration

We will work with you to deliver the Evolve service, with exact scheduling dependent on the availability of the team, and typically spending a few days each month working together.

Future requirement backlog ideas will be added to your custom Evolve plan and Project Management Success Strategy document for use in subsequent iterations.  

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