10 Tips for Successful Teamwork

Ruairi O'Donnellan
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Involved in so many project teams you find it hard to cope? Ever feel out of the loop? Want to be part of a more effective team? These top tips are a great way to start building a successful team.


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10 Tips for Successful Teamwork

1. Communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully

There is nothing worse than being left in the lurch when it comes to team communication (or lack thereof). Whether it’s the next big strategic move or deciding on where you’re going for lunch, always communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully with other members of your team and they’ll do likewise.

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2. Choose an effective leader

There are a number of qualities needed in a leadership position, but effective leadership tops the list. Ensure your team leader is realistic, knowledgeable, and responsive.


3. Mind your manners!

There is nothing worse than a rude team member. Encourage a polite and understanding team environment and you’ll be riding the success express all the way home! Establish acceptable standards of behavior and deal with conflict as quickly as possible.


4. Review your performance regularly

It speaks for itself really – review your performance regularly and create the next steps based on this review. How is this done? Simple – have a regular meeting with your team and get up to speed on what’s going on around you. I suggest a weekly review.  Team members want, and need, feedback to grow in their roles so make time for feedback.


5. Take advantage of the differences

All team members bring different strengths and skillsets to the table, so make sure you’re availing of them! The other day I found out that my teammate is a fantastic baker…so guess who’s eating muffins right now?!


6. Have a common goal

A wise man once said that a common purpose and a common will makes for uncommon teams. Ensure you’re all working in unison towards the same thing – be it an increase in sales, getting that product launch out on time or organizing your next office party! If you are not sure where to start, watch our on-demand webinar, Boost Team Performance with Your One-Page Project Plan in SharePoint, for practical tips and advice.


7. Delegate

Not only will delegating tasks to the relevant team members free up your time, it will also develop other team member’s skills and abilities. Everybody wins!


8. Develop a strong sense of belonging

The closer your team, the better they’ll work. A strong team bond makes your team environment more enjoyable, effective and less problematic. So indulge in some team bonding on a regular basis – team lunches are a good place to start!


9. Make important decisions together

When it comes to important decisions, include ALL team members. Not only will you be saving somebody’s feelings, but they also might have something useful to contribute that you might not have thought of.


10. Enjoy it!

A team is a fun thing to be a part of! You get to make new friends, work together on a regular basis, and celebrate the good times together. The more you enjoy it, the better you’ll all get along and the more success you will experience!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2015 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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Ruairi O'Donnellan
Ruairi O'Donnellan

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