Ten Reasons to Use Power Platform for Project Management

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Microsoft Power BI

Every business faces its own unique challenges in project management. Project management helps business leaders avoid pitfalls and move their business forward.

At the same time, project management must be tailored to each company’s specific goals and objectives. This means a great deal of customization is needed within a system for it to fit every organization.


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One way to help with this customization is by using a flexible cloud platform like Power Platform. Microsoft Power Platform’s suite of business applications and services is the perfect solution for organizations that need deep customization and flexibility for their project management needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about Power Platform and the ten reasons to use it for project management.


 In this article you will find:

What is Microsoft Power Platform?
What Does Microsoft Power Platform Consist of and What Does it Do?
How Does Power Platform’s Licensing Work?
How Microsoft Power Platform Makes Project Management Easier
Upgrade Your Business with Power Platform


What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform combines the power of different tools like Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents to provide a custom project management solution. It integrates with other popular products in the cloud, including Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

Power Platform gives businesses the ability to create custom dashboards tailored to their specific needs. It allows you to deliver personalization, analyze data, develop better applications, automate various processes, and respond to the generated insights. This gives flexibility and customization power to businesses of all sizes.


What Does Microsoft Power Platform Consist of and What Does it Do?

Microsoft’s Power Platform has four core components that allow businesses to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities:

  • Power BI: To easily create reports and dashboards for planning, analysis, and visualization. These reports are personalized to each individual based on what they need to see.
  • Power Apps: To automate workflows in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, SharePoint lists, or Dynamics 365 with simple drag-and-drop tasks. These workflows can add, update, or remove content from a location. If you add a contact in Outlook to the CRM, for example, it will automatically be added to your Salesforce platform as well.
  • Power Automate: To automate processes like email and file transfers, or importing and exporting data. You can do this by using templates or building your own custom workflow.
  • Power Virtual Agent: To build chatbots to guide users through questions and determine their needs based on responses. These virtual agents can answer questions that people may use to solve a problem like, “How much will I save by switching to your company?”


How Does Power Platform’s Licensing Work?

Licensing can be purchased on a subscription basis; however only certain components require licenses. Each component can be purchased separately or part of the Microsoft Power Platform suite. For more details, check out this page.


How Microsoft Power Platform Makes Project Management Easier?

Power Platform is a suite of tools that help you connect, plan, and manage projects across your entire company. It lets you create custom solutions for different business units within your organization—without having to build each application from the ground up. Here are some of the key reasons why Power Platform is a great solution for your project management needs:

Designed for all kinds of users

Power Platform is a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution. No coding is necessary and even non-technical users can access all of the system’s features. It provides guided workflows that help you get started easily, whether you’re building something new or customizing existing apps for your company’s needs.

For professionals who need a more advanced and customized experience, Power Platform also offers a flexible admin panel, which can be used for deeper customization.

Powerful integrations with other products

If you’re already using Microsoft’s other cloud-based services like Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, integrating these products with Power Platform is simple. This gives your business access to the full suite of tools available in the Microsoft cloud platform, so you can get the most out of your company’s existing investments.

BrightWork 365 integrates with Power Platform to provide a simple and easy-to-use project management system customized for your business needs. With these tools, project teams can access the information to make better-informed decisions, leading to more efficient project management and enhanced productivity.

Work across different devices

Many users are now opting to use mobile devices instead of computers for handling their projects. This means businesses need an effective solution that allows users to access files on the go. Power Platform lets you connect your solutions with any device, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Users can easily access the information they need wherever they are. This feature ensures your entire team is always on the same page and has the information they need to complete projects on time. It further eliminates the need for complicated and inefficient processes to ensure your projects are always on track.

Powerful dashboards and reports

With Power BI, you can create custom dashboards for different teams within your organization to track progress and share information easily. These dashboards are designed to fit each team’s specific needs—and they’re mobile-friendly too.

These dashboards provide a quick summary of project status, including important information like which tasks are currently active and what percentage of each task has been completed. Additional reports that provide a more in-depth analysis of your company’s progress can be generated to better understand how your business is performing. You can also access data about your customers, products, and competitors to further enhance the insights you can gain from Power BI.

All business processes in a single platform

It can be a hassle to switch between different systems to manage multiple business processes, especially if the apps you need are not integrated. With Power Platform, you can streamline all of your company’s projects so they can be accessed in one place.

This single platform lets you manage your entire business from a single system, significantly reducing the number of steps and time spent switching between apps. This ensures all projects are running smoothly and efficiently, leading to greater productivity and better results for your company. It also makes it easier to track your team’s progress and make changes if needed.

Reduces the dependency on third-party tools

Businesses that decide to stick with a single platform can limit their dependency on third-party tools and save the time and effort it takes to manage multiple services. This way, your team is free to focus on getting your projects completed efficiently rather than worrying about managing different apps.

Power Platform provides you with all the features you need without using third-party apps. This lets you maintain more control over your data, ensure consistency across all systems, and avoid the risks of having company data stored on external platforms. It also helps you save money on licensing fees by eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions.

Improves data accuracy and value

Storing all of your data in one place helps ensure accuracy across your business. You can access critical information about projects and contacts more easily and monitor the performance of employees on your team.

Information is up-to-date and more readily available from a single source—rather than being sourced from many different tools—so you’ll be able to integrate information and make informed decisions about your company more easily. Your team will also be able to access valuable customer and sales data, allowing them to generate better reports for clients and enhance the services they offer.

Simplifies compliance management

A consolidated system can help you easily manage your company’s compliance initiatives across departments. You’ll be able to track which employees are adhering to the rules and when they need to complete additional training in order to stay compliant.

This will allow you to minimize risks for your business while ensuring your team members remain up-to-date with current regulations. It also simplifies the process of ensuring all your team members are abiding by governing bodies’ requirements, such as HIPAA or the GDPR.

Makes it easier to stay ahead of changes

Frequent changes to business processes can be difficult to handle if you’re using separate apps for each system. With Power Platform, you’ll get a single view of your data, so you can stay updated on any changes that impact your business and keep team members informed.

This makes it much easier to cope with new regulations that may come into play or other factors that may significantly influence your workflow. Allowing everyone in the company to be fully aware of what is going on will help your business continue to operate smoothly and avoid any surprises that might otherwise affect your performance.

Reduces time spent on training employees

With Power Platform, you can eliminate the need to train new employees on multiple apps. Instead, they will be trained once and get comfortable with one system—giving you more freedom to focus on delivering better service for clients.

The platform’s similar functions for CRM, sales, marketing, finances and support make it easy to learn. You’ll save time and money on training new hires by providing them with a more stable foundation for their future in your company.


Upgrade Your Business with Power Platform

Power Platform helps organize projects and teams, monitor progress, and share files in real-time to improve project collaboration. BrightWork 365, a project, portfolio, and program management solution, leverages the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform to smoothen project management processes for senior executives and PMOs.


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