4 Project Management Stories from the Healthcare Sector

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Healthcare organizations often need to track many medium-to-large projects at once. In one of the more scrutinized industries, project errors can be costly and can often bring down an organization. Hence there is a need for a project management tool that is reliable and scalable. With BrightWork, these organizations can install standard project management practices and get visibility and transparency to know what is going on across large programs of projects and make better decisions.


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Here are 4 project management stories from Healthcare organizations using BrightWork:

Siemens Healthineers


Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Track Project Milestones with BrightWork

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics manage 100+ projects of differing types (operations, new product development) at any given time. One of the major aspects of Siemens Healthcare project management process is Milestone Trend Analysis. This graphically illustrates time-related discrepancies with project milestones and how their finish date could change throughout the life cycle of a Project.

Using a set of filters and workflows in SharePoint, a log is built in the background of the project site using SQL. Once the log is built, BrightWork uses SharePoint’s charting features to display a graphical chart which is fed from the log. The milestone log updates automatically, so the charts are always up-to-date.




AmSurg Standardizes Project Management Processes with SharePoint Templates

AmSurg needed a system to manage and track multiple medium-to-large projects at once. The projects often dealt with almost every department in the organization and many required rollout to more than 200 AmSurg surgery centers.

AmSurg has utilized what comes out of the box and modified it to make BrightWork work for them. One way they did this, for example, was by customizing the form in the Project Issues list. After customizing the Issues list, they went on to customize a BrightWork template that fits the way they manage projects. Now they can create a project site with the exact amount of management they want using their customized BrightWork template.

They use BrightWork to store all project related work, such as project goals, documents, issues, project plans all in one place. Senior management uses the built-in dashboard reporting to easily roll up data for whatever projects they want to track.



Sonic Healthcare Improve Project Collaboration and Visibility with BrightWork

Visibility is one of the greatest benefits Sonic has experienced from the BrightWork solution.

Before BrightWork, Sonic Healthcare used email and spreadsheets to manage project activities. This method made it difficult to keep track of all the individuals and tasks they were assigned.

Now all project team members update their work in the BrightWork site in SharePoint, it is incredibly easy to get a snapshot into the status of all project activity. This transparency allows Project Managers to give quick, real-time updates to project stakeholders, rather than having to call individual team members or manually sort through project data to give progress reports. All project information is now updated and housed right in SharePoint.


BrightWork Saves Time and Creates Visibility in the Healthcare Sector

* This is an anonymous case study as organization policy prevents public endorsement of 3rd party products

One of the biggest challenges at this healthcare organization was that the IT department did not have a way to manage and track resources across all their projects. When new project requests came in, even though the team knew that there was no capacity to complete the work, there was no easy way for them to prove that resources were already over-allocated, and thus unavailable to work on a new project.

With the custom reports delivered by BrightWork, the Chief Technology Officer can quickly and easily create project status and resource reports. The visibility provided by BrightWork, especially into resource allocation, has been an eye-opener for everyone. For the first time, the organization is able to see exactly how and when resources are over-allocated. Having visibility into this kind of data has led to some real positive changes.


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