16 Useful Questions for Evaluating New Project Requests

Ken Martin
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evaluating new project requests

Without a strong project request management process,  your organization is likely not working on the right projects at the right time within the scope of limited resources and available funding.

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Developing an objective selection process is challenging. This article will suggest 16 practical questions to kick-start your planning.


Project Request Management and Project Portfolio Management

Project Request Management allows organizations to fund and resource projects closely aligned with their company’s strategic goals.

In addition, Project Request Management helps organizations to:

  • Detect duplicate project proposals up front
  • Stop projects not aligned with corporate strategy
  • Strengthen alignment between IT and business stakeholders.



16 Useful Questions for Evaluating New Project Requests

Below are some suggested criteria to standard new project requests. Using a PPM tool such as BrightWork, work these questions into the request process as needed.

  1. What is the project type: mandatory, regulatory, maintenance, enhancement, business growth, innovation, and current project priority?
  2. Is the project clearly aligned with strategic goals?
  3. Is there a business case (if one exists should be linked) with estimated Return on Investment (ROI )?
  4. What are the identified business benefits?
  5. What are the measurable business benefits?
  6. How feasible is the project?
  7. Is there enough stakeholder support?
  8. Is the project complex or high-risk?
  9. Do the risks outweigh benefits?
  10. Is the risk management process clearly defined?
  11. Are the timelines, budget, and scope realistic?
  12. Does the project have clear requirements?
  13. What are the resource requirements?
  14. Are there any dependencies on other projects?
  15. What is the estimated duration of the project?
  16. What is the estimated budget required?



Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2015 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

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