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Tracking Project and Non-Project Activities in SharePoint

March 12, 2018 by

Want an easy way to track project and non-project work across your project team? In this article, I’ll show you how to do both using BrightWork. I’ll also explain how to track and report on project tasks using ‘Work’ reports.


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Tracking Project and Non-Project Activities in SharePoint

1. Tracking Project Work

Tracking all of your project work in BrightWork is very straightforward.

  1.  Choose a project related template to start from, such as Project Lite/Standard/Structured, or Projects and Work Tracker.
  2. Select the type of work you want to track such as Tasks, Goals, Issues, and Risks.
  3. Locate the relevant list on the Quick Launch of the project site (down the left side of the page).
  4. Create a new piece of work by either clicking ‘New’ towards the top of the list, or by clicking on an existing work item and choose to ‘Edit’ it with any progress you’ve made.



tracking list SharePoint



2. Tracking Non-Project Work

Tracking non-project work is easy with the “Work Tracker” (WT) template.

With WT, you only have one type of work list to maintain, a “Work Tracker” task list. Create as many WT sites as needed to manage daily work. issues, support requests, and so on.



work tracker 1


work tracker 2


The work items created from this list can also be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook (task list and calendar).


Reporting on Project Tasks in SharePoint

When it comes to reporting on the project tasks, choose the hierarchy level you want to report from to focus on either a single project or multiple projects.

1. Work Reports

If you want to report on all types of work at the same time in the same report window, just click on the ‘Work‘ link in the Quick Launch.

This report surfaces all work on the project – including Work Due Soon, Overdue Work, Open Work, Closed Work, &  Unassigned Work.


open work tracker



2. ‘My Work’ Reports

Team members can use the ‘My Work’ link, also located in the Quick Launch, to find their own tasks.

The ‘My Work’ report is a list of work assigned to the logged-in user. Team members can track and report on their assigned work, and flag issues in one report.


my work tracking




With all this tracking and reporting functionality, you can rest assured that none of the wide range and multitude of work assignments across your organization will fall through the cracks.  Moreover, you can easily assign project resources to relevant tasks whilst avoiding overallocation.

For more information on tracking project and non-project activities, watch our recent webinar on this topic. Happy tracking!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2017 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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