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My Top 5 New Microsoft Project 2016 Client Features from the Microsoft Ignite Conference

May 12, 2015 by

BrightWork customers will know that we have been longtime advocates of the Microsoft Project client and the Professional edition in particular. With the new version set to ship in the Fall, I would highlight my (current) top 5 new features that are coming in that release.

Firstly though, it is worth noting that there is shipping no dependency on Microsoft Project Server 2016 which will ship in Q2 2016, so you can start using it straight away with SharePoint 2013 based products like BrightWork and Project Server.

So, what were the main highlighted features mentioned last week at the Microsoft Ignite Conference?


Top 5 New Microsoft Project 2016 Client Features

1. User interface

More fluent user interface … the interface appears to be another incremental improvement, so if you are familiar with the current interface you should find new features easily, and if you are new to Project hopefully the discoverability of features will be easier also.


2. Multiple timelines

Timelines, added in Project 2013, were a huge hit and this feature has been advanced in this release to support multiple timelines within a single project file. The additional good news is that this is planned to also be reflected in SharePoint.

3. Apps that can update Project files

When Offices Apps first were announced one of the imponderables was why they could not update the Office file. This is about to change and if you write an App for Project it can now update the file … way more useful and powerful!

4. Resource Management

There has been a big investment in resource management in the client. New functionality around managing resource requests, and the approval of these requests, has been added along with additional resource reporting options.

5. Integration with Team Foundation Server

This is one that I really like, but it might not capture the imagination like some of the others! Tasks from a project can appear as Work Items in Visual Studio.


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