How to Standardize Government Project Management with SharePoint

Billy Guinan
By | Updated April 19, 2019 | 5 min read

Federal, State, and Local Government organizations always have several projects and initiatives underway at any given time.


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These projects often have large budgets and can span any number of different categories, including defense, infrastructure, and public works, community development projects, elections planning, regulatory compliance, and more.

Since government agencies and organizations are accountable to the public, they’re under tremendous pressure to deliver results with transparency, visibility, and accountability.

Therefore, it’s imperative that government organizations have a tool and process in place to get visibility into the status of all projects and portfolios that are underway.

The rest of this blog will cover how you can standardize project and portfolio management in government, including:

  1. Common challenges faced in government projects
  2. Why SharePoint is a suitable solution for government project management
  3. How you can get started with managing your government projects on SharePoint with BrightWork.



Common challenges faced in government project management

Government organizations are always juggling lots of important initiatives and without a simple project and portfolio management solution, these projects can easily miss deadlines or exceed budget.

Some of the most common challenges in government project management are a lack of visibility and accountability, outdated processes, and siloed communication.


Lack of visibility, transparency, and accountability

Poor project visibility in government projects leads to a lack of accountability, missed deadlines, and cost overruns.

That’s why centralized project and program dashboards ensure you have real control and real visibility into all your projects.

Having centralized reporting dashboards, with R-A-G status, KPIs, and status reports provide total transparency into the health of projects, ensuring program delivery excellence.


Inefficient and outdated processes

Outdated processes and systems lead to costly time and administrative burdens and poor collaboration.

That’s why having a project and portfolio management solution will empower you to introduce modern processes to improve organizational project management and accelerate process efficiency.


Communication silos

Government agencies can be large organizations where siloes can occur, resulting in poor communication and inefficient collaboration.

Consolidating all project information in one secure PPM environment reduces administrative burdens and improves communication between teams and departments to drive better results.


Why SharePoint is a suitable solution for government project management

SharePoint is a practical solution for project and portfolio management across many industries, but its centralized and secure environment makes it particularly suited to manage government projects.


Secure SharePoint environment

The strict permissions in SharePoint let you control access to project sites or portfolios for both internal and external users, meaning sensitive information can only be viewed by those who are permitted to see it.

SharePoint’s built-in document management features enable check-in/check-out and version control to maintain data integrity.


Flexible and safe deployment options

SharePoint has a range of highly-secure deployment options for government agencies to use for a SharePoint-based project management tool.

  1. Your solution can be deployed on SharePoint On-Premises – your own in-house SharePoint instance protected by all of your security measures, permissions, and internal governance protocols built in.
  2. There are also private government clouds with SaaS compliance at FedRAMP Moderate, High, and DoD CC SRG IL 2/4/5 levels.


SharePoint site templates

Wrapping up the project processes in SharePoint templates lets you introduce new, modern processes at scale.

SharePoint is a simple, flexible, highly-secure collaboration platform, that brings all of your projects and portfolios together in one safe and centralized environment.


How you can get started with managing your government projects on SharePoint with BrightWork

It is really easy to get started managing projects with the Free SharePoint Project Management Template from BrightWork.

Ready to use out-of-the-box, simply download and install the free template in your existing SharePoint environment with absolutely no programming or configuration required.

The free template automatically organizes your work into a project and will guide you through the steps needed for successful project management.

So you get to enjoy all the benefits of a secure SharePoint solution for project management (documents, tasks, security, permissions) in an intuitive project site.

Download the free SharePoint template now and you will get:

  • Real-time visibility with project management dashboards.
  • Increased efficiency with a simple task management system.
  • Secure and transparent collaboration and document control.


Past Performance

The Free SharePoint Project Management Template from BrightWork is used by over 40,000 organizations, including the United States Postal Service, State of California, U.S. Courts, United States Marine Corps, NASA, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.



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