BrightWork Open Work Cache Explained for Speedier Reporting

Ciara McCarthy
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In BrightWork 15.5, a new feature was added to allow you to use an Open Work Cache to improve the overall performance and speed as to how BrightWork renders Work Reports.

This blog will outline how the new Open Work Cache process operates in comparison to the default BrightWork Reporter process.

Note: There are some work items that are not mirrored to the Work Cache. Read about these exceptions here.


BrightWork Services for SharePoint


BrightWork Reporter Process

The current BrightWork Reporter process looks at all lists defined in the Reporter Definition file. In the case of the Open Work Report, it will look at each site in the hierarchy and report back on the following lists:

List TypeList Name
714Project Issues (BrightWork)
716Project Change Requests (BrightWork)
720Project Deliverables Library (BrightWork)
713Project Goals (BrightWork)
722Project Milestones (BrightWork)
721Project Phases (BrightWork)
715Project Risks (BrightWork)
723Project Tasks (BrightWork)
725Project Schedule (BrightWork)
150Project Tasks
107Tasks (SharePoint 2010)
737Project Requests (BrightWork)


If there are a lot of sites to report back on, i.e. at the organizational level, it will take some time to query every site and pull this information back into a report. For smaller hierarchies, or organizations with a lighter approach to project management, this method doesn’t cause any concern and the page load time of the reports are quick.

However, as project management evolves in organizations, the load times may become slower with this process.


BrightWork Reporter Reporting



Open Work Cache Process

Once the Open Work Cache is enabled, it pulls all the Open Work from all sites into a single list every 15 minutes in the background.

Now all the Open Work exists in one list. Instead of querying the hierarchy, it will query just the one list. Because it only queries only one list, the report will render much quicker on pages that are taking a long time to load.


 Open Work Cache




Ciara McCarthy
Ciara McCarthy

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